Disneyland in Frontierland


Enchiladas, tacos, burritos, salads, and grilled chicken


Three words sum up the Zocalo: Mexican, cafeteria style. On the bright side, most of the cuisine holds up well under the heat lamps and over the steam tables, the enchiladas and grilled chicken in particular. The rest of the menu, the typical tacos, burritos, Mexican rice, and refried beans is resolutely average, except at opening or right before the dinner rush, when the food is fresh and uncorrupted. The tortillas, both corn and flour, are consistently good. Anybody not intimately familiar with really good Mexican cuisine may rate this place higher. Zocalo is also a great choice when you've brought the kids along and you can't possibly choke down another hot dog, burger, or pizza slice. And because it's off the beaten path, it tends to be quiet and restful.

Setting and Atmosphere

Welcome to the hacienda! Faux adobe, wooden beams, and Mexican tilework ring a dark interior and covered outdoor patio. Tucked away from the throngs in the northeast area of Frontierland, this can be a nice, quiet place for a meal.

House Specialties

The enchiladas are your best bet, probably because they lend themselves to the buffet-style dining here.

Other Recommendations

Hit or miss: If you can catch a tray of soft tacos, burritos, or grilled chicken fresh from the commissary, you score.



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