Showtimes for Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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9:45am JAMMitors
10:45am JAMMitors
11:15am The American Adventure
11:30am Mariachi Cobre
11:45am JAMMitors
12:00pm Canadian Lumberjacks
12:00pm The American Adventure
12:15pm Mariachi Cobre
12:15pm Serveur Amusant
12:20pm Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro
12:20pm Matsuriza
12:30pm Voices of Liberty
12:30pm Oktoberfest Musikanten
12:40pm Sergio
12:45pm The American Adventure
12:45pm JAMMitors
1:00pm Mariachi Cobre
1:05pm Matsuriza
1:10pm Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro
1:15pm Canadian Lumberjacks
1:15pm Serveur Amusant
1:20pm Oktoberfest Musikanten
1:30pm The American Adventure
1:40pm Sergio
1:40pm Voices of Liberty
1:45pm Mariachi Cobre
2:00pm Matsuriza
2:00pm Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro
2:15pm Serveur Amusant
2:15pm Canadian Lumberjacks
2:15pm JAMMitors
2:15pm The American Adventure
2:20pm Voices of Liberty
2:20pm Oktoberfest Musikanten
2:30pm Mariachi Cobre
2:40pm Sergio
3:00pm The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats
3:00pm Serveur Amusant
3:00pm The American Adventure
3:00pm Voices of Liberty
3:00pm British Revolution
3:15pm JAMMitors
3:20pm Oktoberfest Musikanten
3:20pm Matsuriza
3:20pm Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro
3:40pm Sergio
3:45pm Voices of Liberty
3:45pm The American Adventure
3:45pm Serveur Amusant
3:50pm Canadian Lumberjacks
4:00pm The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats
4:10pm Matsuriza
4:10pm Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro
4:15pm Mariachi Cobre
4:15pm JAMMitors
4:30pm The American Adventure
4:30pm British Revolution
4:30pm Voices of Liberty
4:30pm Serveur Amusant
4:40pm Sergio
4:45pm Oktoberfest Musikanten
5:00pm The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats
5:00pm Mariachi Cobre
5:00pm Canadian Lumberjacks
5:15pm Matsuriza
5:15pm Rose & Crown Pub Musician
5:15pm The American Adventure
5:15pm Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro
5:40pm Sergio
5:45pm British Revolution
6:00pm Oktoberfest Musikanten
6:00pm The American Adventure
6:10pm Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro
6:15pm Matsuriza
6:15pm Canadian Lumberjacks
6:15pm Rose & Crown Pub Musician
6:15pm The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats
6:40pm Sergio
6:45pm The American Adventure
7:00pm British Revolution
7:15pm Rose & Crown Pub Musician
7:15pm Oktoberfest Musikanten
7:30pm The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats
7:30pm The American Adventure
8:00pm British Revolution
8:15pm Rose & Crown Pub Musician
8:15pm Oktoberfest Musikanten
8:15pm The American Adventure
9:00pm IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
9:00pm The American Adventure

Note: Showtimes are updated regularly via, walt disney world entertainment, and our own sources -- but the schedules may change at any time.