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Coherent and educational, though somewhat unevenly paced, the popular production showcases professional stunt men and women who demonstrate dangerous stunts with a behind-the-scenes look at how they're done. Sets, props, and special effects are very elaborate.

While most live shows at Walt Disney World are revised from time to time, the Epic Stunt Spectacular, as a Hamden, Connecticut, man laments, has not changed for years:

The show is the same as it has been since it opened, but the acting grows tired.

Touring Tips

The Stunt Theater holds 2,000 people; capacity audiences are common. The first performance is always the easiest to see. If the first show is at 10 a.m. or earlier, you can usually walk in, even if you arrive 5 minutes late. For the second performance, show up about 15–20 minutes ahead of time. For the third and subsequent shows, arrive 20-30 minutes early. If you plan to tour during late afternoon and evening, attend the last scheduled performance. If you want to beat the crowd out of the stadium, sit on the far right (as you face the staging area) and near the top.

To be chosen from the audience to be an "extra" in the stunt show, arrive early, sit down front, and display unmitigated enthusiasm. A woman from Richmond, Virginia, explains:

After the first performance, I realized the best way to get picked was to stand up, wave my arms, and shout when the "casting director" called for volunteers. (Sitting toward the front helps, too.)

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Performance times posted on a sign at the entrance to the theater.

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Disney Dish with Jim Hill


The final performance of the decades-old Indiana Jones show may be in sight. Imagineers have a huge Star Wars–themed land on the drawing board, and Disney officials hope it will be wild enough to make tourists forget all about a certain boy wizard. Where once Indiana Jones tried to out-run a giant rolling boulder, you'll soon be able to hop on a speeder bike and zoom through the Forests of Endor.

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