This dining venue is currently closed!
It is scheduled to re-open on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.


Disney's Hollywood Studios in Muppet Courtyard, near MuppetVision 3D


Cheese, pepperoni, and vegetarian pizzas; meatball sub; salads; child’s chicken sub or cheese pizza; cookies and cupcakes.


It’s all about the arcades. Repair to the outdoor seating with umbrella-shaded tables if you want to avoid the din inside.

Setting and Atmosphere

If you have seen the elaborate restaurant/arcade of the same name from Disney/Pixar's movie "Toy Story," you will have an idea of what Pizza Planet should look like. Now forget all of that because this looks like a bland, barely-themed eatery that has almost no relation to the film version.


Disney Dining Plan


Requires 0 credits
Also has DDP snack items