Universal's Islands of Adventure in Port of Entry, on the left when exiting Port of Entry towards Marvel.


Cinnamon rolls the size of a shoebox; frozen drinks.


You know you've achieved Zen enlightenment and an indifference to worldly things when you can walk by a Cinnabon in the morning without turning your head. That, or you died and haven't stopped moving. To watch Cinnabon's workers make their rolls is to watch joy and happiness being made, if joy and happiness could be sprinkled with cinnamon goodness and draped in cream cheese icing. Buy one roll for every two or three people in your group. Pairs well with hot coffee.

Setting and Atmosphere

Located at the far end of Port of Entry, next to Starbucks on the way to Marvel Superhero Island. We're surprised that Cinnabon isn't always open in the early morning, when tourists most need a warm cinnamon roll and coffee.


Universal Dining Plan

Does not participate, but has UDP snack/beverage items.