Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland


Pork shank, cinnamon rolls, LeFou's Brew


The signature items are the cinnamon rolls (served all day), roasted pork shank, and LeFou's Brew, a frozen apple and toasted marshmallow drink. The cinnamon rolls are a nice treat on cool mornings or afternoons.

The roasted pork shank is a new twist on the ubiquitous turkey leg seen around the parks. Like the turkey leg, it's more meat than most people need or want. We suggest getting a couple of forks and knives and sharing it amongst your extended family.

LeFou's Brew is Disney's answer to Universal's (and Harry Potter's) Butterbeer. LeFou's apple-based drink is topped with a passion fruit-mango foam, and we think it's an emulsion of some kind - the apple juice seems to be light and airy for the first couple of minutes you sip it, then it gradually separates into ice and juice.

Some of us find LeFou's Brew too sweet to drink an entire cup. If you like sweet wines such as Riesling, however, this may be right up your alley. LeFou's Brew is available in souvenir steins and goblets.

A surprisingly small restaurant, Gaston's Tavern only has two inside seating areas.

Setting and Atmosphere

Set up as a small french countryside hunting lodge frequented by the incredibly manly Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Deer antlers are used as decoration everywhere. Look for the statue of Gaston outside the tavern and his huge portrait over the fireplace.

Gaston is frequently found greeting guests out front, his ego on full display. Tell Gaston that it's nice to meet him, for example, and he'll say something like "Yes, it is." Definitely worth the time to stop for a photo.

House Specialties

Cinnamon rolls, roasted pork shank, LeFou's Brew


Disney Dining Plan


Does not participate, but does have DDP snack items