Universal Orlando Resort, CityWalk


Raw and cooked sushi nigiri and maki, sake and Japanese beer, miso soup, edamame, hot appetizers, salads, bento boxes.


This restaurant on the upper level of CityWalk is operated by Sushi House, with other locations in Atlanta and Orlando's Florida Mall. Fusion Bistro's unusual sushi preparations mix traditional Japanese with tastes and ingredients from throughout Eastern Asia and the Pacific Rim, all made in an glassed-in kitchen that you can observe from outside.

The sushi here ain't cheap, but it's quicker and less expensive than The CowFish, and because of extended hours you can get your fix until the wee hours. Quality is a cut above your local supermarket, but since everything is made from fairly pedestrian fish – tuna, salmon, tilapia, escolar, shrimp, and eel – sushi snobs will want to eat elsewhere. The spicy tuna rolls are acceptable, and the $4.99 bento box deal adds miso soup, salad, seawead, rice, and moci cake to any item.


Universal Dining Plan

Does not participate.