Universal Orlando Resort


Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, fajitas, and taco salads made with steak, ground beef, chicken, tofu or vegetarian; chips and salsa; cookies; beer.


The Mexican-food equivalent of a Subway sandwich shop. You place your order (e.g., steak tacos) at the front of a long assembly line, then follow your plate down the line as it's passed from worker to worker, each of whom adds whatever garnishes, sides and sauces you want.

We like Moe's quite a bit, and the whole assembly line thing is efficient if just a little funny. The guy in the middle of the prep process, for example, what's his job title? Intermediate Mise En Place Cilantro through Guacamole? The menu is also filled with references to TV shows and movies including the Art Vandalay (from Seinfeld), Billy Barou (from Caddyshack) and John Coctostan (from Fletch).


Universal Dining Plan

Does not participate.