Universal Orlando Resort, CityWalk


Coffees and teas in many blends and flavors; espresso, cappuccino, frozen coffees, smoothies; pastries; cookies; sodas.


We were at first skeptical about trying the coffee here. For one thing, none of us had ever heard of this place (apparently it's a chain). And what could a company from Seattle, thousands of miles from the nearest patch of beans, know about coffee anyway?

A fair amount, it turns out. Starbucks offers everything from cappuccino and espresso, to pastries, teas, and blended frozen drinks. They even serve coffee, although some would say it's a darker roast than most. Still, the flavors were consistent (as was the service, mostly from perky, caffeinated college-aged staff) every time we visited. These kids might make a go of it.

Note: Starbucks loyalty cards are not accepted at this location.

Starbucks will be moving from its current located on the second level of CityWalk down to the first level, occupying the space where Endangered Species used to be (talk about irony). The new Starbucks is going for a much more industrialized and sterile look and will be located next to Cold Stone Creamery.

Universal Dining Plan

Does not participate.