Universal Studios Florida in San Francisco


Burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, milk shakes


Located near the Disaster attraction, Richter's Burgers theme is tied into the San Francisco earthquake in 1906. All the menu items have earthquake related names and the decor around the surprisingly large seating areas includes photos from that era (including some wonderful ads for products that are just hilarious to read with 20/20 hindsight) as well as seismologist props.

One of the more impressive elements in the restaurant is the faithful recreation of the Louis Agassiz statue that fell off a Stanford University building during the 1906 earthquake. The statue lodged itself firmly into the concrete, head first, and Universal has recreated the striking image within Richter's.

The food here is nothing to start quaking over, but there is a toppings bar for customizing your burger.


Universal Dining Plan

Accepts the Universal Dining Plan.
Also has UDP snack/beverage items