Universal Studios Florida in Production Central, between Music Plaza Stage, and Transformers.


Rotisserie chicken with roasted potatoes; lasagna; cheeseburgers; hot dogs; ribs; cheese or pepperoni pizza; fries; cupcakes and cookies; beer.


With a lot of indoor seating, Universal Studios' Classic Monster Cafe can be a good place for a meal and get out of the hot sun. The restaurant is filled with movie props from various monster films including The Creature From the Black Lagoon and The Mummy, but also has references from The Munsters television show. Since the homestyle meatloaf was yanked from the menu, there's nothing served here that you can't get better somewhere else. The burgers and Nathan's chili cheese dogs are exactly as you'd expect, and the chicken and ribs are often dry or oversalted. The pizza slices are huge (and they better be for the monstrous price of $7.49 each) and are much better than your average theme park pizza.


Universal Dining Plan

Accepts the Universal Dining Plan.
Also has UDP snack/beverage items