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May Flowers

by Fred Hazelton

If April showers bring May flowers then April holidays make way for moderate May crowds throughout Walt Disney World Resort. In May, you only need to watch out for Memorial Day and Star Wars Weekends at The Studios. Note how the Sunday before Memorial Day is more crowded than the holiday Monday itself.

How we did yesterday - Monday, May 4, 2015
At Magic Kingdom we predicted a crowd level of 5. The actual crowd level was a 5
   At Epcot we predicted a crowd level of 4. The actual crowd level was a 3
   At Disney's Hollywood Studios we predicted a crowd level of 5. The actual crowd level was a 6
   At Disney's Animal Kingdom we predicted a crowd level of 5. The actual crowd level was a 6
Our wait times predictions were within 3 minutes for the following attractions: Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain (-3 min), Kali River Rapids (-1 min), The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (-1 min), Splash Mountain (0 min), Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (0 min), Mission: SPACE Green (0 min), DINOSAUR (+1 min), Soarin' (+1 min), The Haunted Mansion (+3 min), The Great Movie Ride (+3 min)
We were within 5 minutes: Space Mountain (+5 min), Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin (+5 min)
We were within 7 minutes: Mission: SPACE Orange (-7 min), Living with the Land (+6 min)
We were within 10 minutes: Primeval Whirl (-10 min), Test Track Presented by Chevrolet (-9 min), Peter Pan's Flight (+9 min)
* The attractions above come from our core group of 25 attractions used in calculating crowd levels. Wait times predictions are the average posted time between 10am and 5pm
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Epcot Disney's
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Gay Days at AK
Gay Days at HS / Star Wars Weekend at HS
Gay Days at MK / Star Wars Weekend at HS
Gay Days at EP / Star Wars Weekend at HS
Star Wars Weekends at HS
Star Wars Weekends at HS
Star Wars Weekends at HS
Father's Day
Summer Break Begins

Welcome Brazilian Travel Groups

by Steve Bloom

All schools in Brazil are required to be on holiday for the entire month of July. Expect to see plenty of touring groups from Brazil.

Independence Day

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