Menu Items

Item Name Restaurant Course Type Menus
Fire-Roasted Rotisserie Chicken
Half of a chicken, slow-roasted and served with red-skinned potatoes and your choice of one side
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $19.99
Mega Mes-O-Bones
Slow-roasted St. Louis style pork spareribs, basted with BBQ sauce. Served with waffle fries and coleslaw
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $27.99
Mastadon Stuffed Chicken
Marinated chicken breast stuffed with artichoke hearts and creamy spinach, topped with sun-dried tomatoes and lemon butter. Served with red skinned mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $19.99
Boneyard Buffett
Fire-Roasted Rotisserie Chicken and Mega Mes-O-Bones, served with waffle fries and coleslaw
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $27.99
Sorbet Sampler
Mango and Raspberry sorbet topped with raspberry sauce and mango puree and served with a chocolate covered wafer
T-REX Dessert Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $6.99
Neanderthal New York Strip
Charbroiled New York Strip Steak topped with steak butter and served with red skinned mashed potatoes and your choice of a side
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $33.99
Layers of the Earth Lasagna
Fresh pasta layered with tomato and meat sauce, Ricotta, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, baked to perfection
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $18.99
Mammoth Mushroom Ravioli
Mushroom ravioli simmered in a rich lobster cream sauce with Roma tomatoes and fresh spinach
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $19.99
Prehistoric Pasta
Sauteed zucchini, yellow squash, sun-dried and Roma tomatoes tossed with linguini, arugula, fresh Mozzarella cheese and basil oil. Add chicken or shrimp for $2
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $18.99
Gigantosaurus Burger
A true carnivore's choice! Two 100% beef burger patties piled high with a fried onion ring, lettuce, tomato, pickles and cheese.
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $18.49
Guac-Asaurus Burger
Sink your teeth into this! A 100% beef burger topped with guacamole, a fried onion ring, Pepper Jack cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomatoand pickles. Supersize with an additional patty for only $3.00
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $16.49
Paleozoic Chicken Sandwich
Pizza dough with grilled chicken, lettuce, bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, avocado, tomato and lemon aioli
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $15.99
Pork-Asaurus Sandwich
Smoked pulled pork simmered in BBQ sauce, served on a toasted bun with an onion ring and cole slaw
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $15.99
Tar Pit Fried Shrimp
Tender Shrimp lightly fried golden brown, served with tartar and cocktail sauces, waffle fries and coleslaw
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $22.99
Paleo Shrimp
Parmesan crusted shrimp with linguini tossed in a pomodoro cream sauce
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $20.99
Fossil Fish-N-Chips
Fillet of white fish, golden fried, served English-style with waffle fries, coleslaw and tarter sauce
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $19.99
Seismic Salmon
Grilled Atlantic Salmon, seared with sauteed garden vegetables tossed with orzo pasta, asparagus spears and a lemon butter sauce
T-REX Entrée Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $24.99
Ice Age Indulgence for Two
Layers of Ice Cream sandwiches, fudge sauce, creamy whipped topping and Heath Bar Crunch
T-REX Dessert Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $8.99
Meteor Bites for Two
Warm chocolate and vanilla donut holes dusted with powdered sugar. Served with caramel and chocolate sauces for dipping.
T-REX Dessert Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $9.99
Cosmic Key Lime Pie
Our own freshly baked key lime pie in a graham cracker crust, served with raspberry sauce and creamy whipped topping
T-REX Dessert Lunch/Dinner Menu -- $7.99