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2011 Unofficial Guide Now on Kindle for $9.99

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Our long national nightmare is over.  The 2011 edition of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World is now available on Kindle for $9.99.  Here’s the link.

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Len Testa

Len Testa is the co-author of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, and has contributed to the Disneyland and Las Vegas Unofficial Guides. Most of his time is spent trying to keep up with the team. Len's email address is You can also follow him on Twitter: @lentesta.

12 thoughts on “2011 Unofficial Guide Now on Kindle for $9.99

  • Has the 2011 Unofficial Guide been pulled from the Kindle store? The link in the article leads to a 404 page, and a search of the Kindle Store on returns no results for the Guide (other than a link to purchase in hardcopy).

  • Just got the kindle version but like mentioned before can’t figure out how to apply the discount.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      As Len suggested above, I dropped them a note and let them know. I got a prompt reply to sign up for the regular price and then they quickly refunded my the discount! Great customer service.

      • What address did you drop the note to? I am having some trouble getting through to them… Thanks!

      • I sent an email to the webmaster addy.

  • Yes! Thanks for the outstanding option, Len! Downloading the Unofficial Guide for my iPad today!

    Thanks again!

  • OMG, how many pages is this going to be on my Kindle for iPhone app??

  • Snagged myself the Kindle version last night! Now we own the 2011 guide, the color companion book and the Kindle version (which is also on my wife’s iPhone along with teh Lines app too!). We are all set for October trip!!!!

  • Coincidentally, I bought the kindle version today. My cousin is getting married at WDW over memorial day weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t validate my kindle version (or haven’t found a way to do that) for a discounted subscription to the site. Is there a way to validate the kindle version or am I out of luck?

    • Ah, send us a note, Shelagh, and we’ll process the discount. Thanks!

      • Hi! I bought the kindle version, too, and would like to take advantage of the discount, but I have sent email to the touringplans webmaster address with no luck. Do you have the email address that we Kindle users should use in order to get our discounts? Thanks!

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