Tomorrowland Preview Begins Tomorrow at Epcot

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I feel a sense of irony writing this title for this article. 😉

For those of you excited about the Tomrrowland sneak peek that will be taking place in Epcot‘s Magic Eye Theater in the Imagination Pavilion (you know, where Captain EO has been playing), it will begin tomorrow, April 18. In addition, to being able to catch the preview guests will also be able to get a close-up look at one of the jet packs used in the film, along with a display of concept art and photos straight from the set.

For those visiting Disneyland, the preview kicked off today at the Tomorrowland Theater. After catching the preview, guests are invited to visit the Starcade to see original props and production artwork.

The preview will last approximately 15-20 minutes and is expected to run until May 24. Tomorrowland heads to theaters on May 22.

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