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A Brief Update from the Gorilla Falls Refurbishment

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The Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail at Disney’s Animal Kingdom may be a favorite place for our in-park research team. In addition to spending time watching the adorable not-so-much-of-a-baby Grace, there’s so many beautiful creatures to see in this lovely and shaded walk. Recently, the area had refurbishment work going on, and we’re pleased that it has now reopened. The main focus of the refurbishment was the aviary area. The birds and fish were removed and the tanks were drained and cleaned. In addition, the pipes were updated, and the bridge was widened and rebuilt with all new planks. Once the fish were removed, they were taken over to the hippo enclosure, and once the water was fully settled and rebalanced, the fish are going to be moved back.

Fish in the hippo enclosure
Refurbished fish area
Refurbished and widened bridge area

Although some people may be a little disappointed that the fish are not yet back in the aviary area, the one who is really disappointed is the hammerkop, who (according to a cast member in the area) sits all day looking for the fish. . .

One very sad hammerkop
Do you enjoy the aviary area on the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail? How does the refurbishment look to you? Let us know in the comments.

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