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Review of Allergy-Friendly Food at Disney World Quick Service

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Disney, and Orlando’s theme parks at large, have a reputation for being allergy friendly. At Disney’s quick service locations some have allergy-friendly options available through mobile ordering, and some don’t. At Disney resort hotels the amount of locations that offer mobile ordering for allergy-friendly foods is skimpy.

One of the few participating locations is the newly reopened World Premiere Food Court at Disney’s All-Star Movies. My son and I visited last week, and I mobile ordered our breakfast with allergy-friendly options. Later that day ordered lunch with a different set of allergy-friendly options.

  • Chipotle Seitan and Vegetable Sauté – Sauté of Edamame, Diced Tofu, Chipotle Seitan, Arugula, Onions, and Roasted Peppers
  • Allergy-friendly Mickey Waffles and Bacon – you can choose two sides, we selected bacon for both
  • Egg-free Pasta with Chicken and Green Beans – kids’ meal*
Peanut-Free Chipotle Seitan and Vegetable Sauté and Mickey Waffles with Bacon
Allergy-friendly Egg Free Chicken Tenders and Green Beans – All-Star Movies

For both breakfast and lunch, we ordered through mobile ordering on the MyDisneyExperience app. Then I immediately checked us in, in the app, in order for the Cast Members to prepare the meal. Breakfast was absolutely packed. It was the first week of the resort’s reopening, which was over Spring Break, so it took about 20 minutes for our food to be ready. We headed outside to The Reel Spot, which is where outdoor movies are shown, as guests filled every table inside.

The Reel Spot – Outdoor Movie Viewing and Seating Area

A sticker indicating to see a Cast Member was placed on top of each box of food. Anytime I have ordered allergy-friendly food at a Disney quick service location a lead Cast Member has delivered the meal and confirmed the allergies and order with us before handing over the food. This special touch is meaningful to our family. It is nice to see the extra care.

The Chipotle Seitan and Vegetable Sauté fit the bill for a healthful breakfast. Too much dressing took away from this fresh meal. You certainly need to be a fan of vegetables for this one as it essentially was a warm salad. I would order it again, but I can never have too many veggies at any mealtime.

Peanut-Free Chipotle Seitan and Vegetable Sauté

The Allergy-friendly Mickey Waffles and Bacon satisfied my son, but that was only because of the six strips of bacon. Sadly he had no interest in the Mickey Waffles (a travesty, right?). But that meant more Mickey Waffles for me. They did not taste as creamy and buttery, nor were they as fluffy, but they still filled my morning with Disney magic.

Peanut-Free Mickey Waffles with Bacon

We enjoyed Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort all morning, and then mobile ordered one kids’ meal for lunch. I was excited to see Egg-free Pasta with Chicken and Green Beans as an option, so I placed it as our order. Just five minutes after checking in for our meal, I received notification that it was ready – which seemed odd. A manager met us and let me know they did not have the Egg-free Pasta ready. Chock up it up to opening week challenges. He offered Egg-free Chicken Tenders and Green Beans, which suited us fine. As a Disney guest service touch he offered a complimentary dessert and I asked for the allergy-friendly Enjoy Life brand cookies. Love that Disney service.

Allergy-friendly Ordering with Manager Assistance – All-Star Movies
Allergy-friendly Egg-Free Chicken Tenders and Green Beans – All-Star Movies

Since the mobile order was no longer instated, the manager texted me once the order was ready. It did take about 20 minutes, but it was nice to have the extra care. The dining room was absolutely empty at lunch time, a vast contrast to the morning.

The Egg-free Chicken Tenders and Green Beans could easily feed an adult, even though it was a kids’ meal. The breading on the tenders was much different than the standard Disney tenders. Since it was egg-free it was a cornmeal-style breading. It came off the chicken very easily due to the lack of egg to bind it, which was perfectly fine for us.

Allergy-friendly Egg-Free Chicken Tenders and Green Beans – All-Star Movies

I’ve noticed the pick-up window for allergy-friendly ordering at any Walt Disney World quick service location is the last pick-up window. This was the case for our breakfast orders and our lunch, as well as when we manually ordered allergy-friendly food at Art of Animation the previous week.

Hopefully more quick service dining locations will roll out allergy-friendly mobile ordering. Just be prepared for a longer wait for your meal whether you order allergy-friendly through the app, or with a Cast Member at the dining location. In the end, the extra care is worth the wait.

Allergy-friendly Mobile Order Pick Up Window 4 – All-Star Movies

Have you ever ordered allergy-friendly food from a Disney quick service location? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments!

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  • It would be so helpful if they did do kosher mobile order. Kosher meals take such a long time to get prepared, especially if you’re ordering for a big family. Mobile Order that would be a fabulous addition.

  • Anyone know if you can also order kosher food using Disney Mobile Order?

    • Hey Lou, not that I have seen. From my experience you will just need to speak with a Cast Member at the dining location for assistance. Similar to allergy-friendly dining it may take a little longer. Hope that helps, and thanks for reading!

      • Thanks Dani. That’s what we’ve done during past trips to Disney World, so no change.

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