How to Place an Allergy-Friendly Order at Disney Quick Service Locations

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I absolutely love the convenience of mobile ordering at Walt Disney World. It can save you so much time. But, there’s one big thing that’s missing. There’s no way to truly customize your order, especially with regard to any food allergies. My son has multiple food allergies and generally I am able to navigate mobile ordering food for him without customizing, but once in a while it is necessary to go through the traditional allergy friendly process at some Disney’s quick service locations.

Ordering for Food Allergies at Disney Quick Service – Greeter at Landscape of Flavors
Allergy Friendly Turkey Sandwich at Landscape of Flavors

Here’s how to place an allergy-friendly order at Disney’s quick service dining locations when you’re not able to do it through mobile ordering:

  • Look for a greeter at the entrance to the dining venue
  • You’ll most likely be directed to a Cast Member at a register
  • The Cast Member will call for a chef or cook to come out and assist with the order
  • The Chef will ask about your food allergies and will fill out a form with your party’s allergy information
  • It’s a good idea to look at the menu ahead of time so you can ask questions about specific items
  • The Chef will complete the form with your order and your allergy needs
  • The Cast Member at the register will complete your transaction and hand you a pager
  • Once your order is complete the Chef will bring it out to you and review your allergies and requests
Ordering for Food Allergies at Disney Quick Service – Order at Register
Landscape of Flavors Mobile Ordering Set Up

My son and I visited Disney’s Art of Animation this week and ordered the Turkey Sandwich which is normally made with Turkey, Mozzarella, Sweet Bell Peppers, Basil Aïoli, Lettuce, and Balsamic Vinaigrette served with French Fries, for $10.99. I asked for the mozzarella and the Aïoli on the side and indicated my son and I would share the sandwich. The quick service at Art of Animation is called Landscape of Flavors. The dining area is lovely with landscape images from the four animated films featured at this resort.

Landscape of Flavors Dining Room – 2:00 p.m. March 24, 2021

Our website and Lines app has reviews and ratings for every Walt Disney World restaurant, and Landscape of Flavors currently has an 84% thumbs up rating from our readers, and it is ranked #55 out of 107 quick service restaurants.

It took about 15 minutes for our order to be ready. The pager started buzzing and blinking, to my son’s delight. We met the chef at the last pick-up window and he confirmed our allergies one more time.

Ordering for Food Allergies at Disney Quick Service – Chef at Food Pick Up

The Turkey Sandwich looked a lot different than how it would normally be presented, but that is to be expected. As an additional precaution, the Chef elected to use a different bread than what the sandwich is normally served with, and this resulted in some of the toppings spilling out. But, this did also result in two smaller sandwiches, making it very easy for us to share.

Allergy Friendly Turkey Sandwich at Landscape of Flavors
Allergy Friendly Turkey Sandwich at Landscape of Flavors

The sandwich lacked the Balsamic Vinaigrette, only a few drops were on the sandwich, so without the Aïoli and the scarce Vinaigrette it was very dry. Still, my son enjoyed eating the turkey on its own, and the apple slices we chose instead of French fries. And I added back in the Mozzarella and the Aïoli onto my sandwich.

Although the entrée we selected did not present the quality of how the regular sandwich would taste, I am very thankful for Disney’s attention to allergies and dietary restrictions. I do wish they would make it possible to mobile order with modifications. When you normally mobile order you check-in on the app once you are ready for your food to be made. To me it seems possible that with food allergies or dietary restrictions you could check in and then meet with a Chef who could confirm what you’ve ordered and what your needs are. Perhaps some day this will be the case.

Have you dined at any of Disney’s quick service locations while having food allergies or dietary restrictions? How was your experience?

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