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Alternative Walt Disney World Photo Locations

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It’s February. Over the past couple of weeks Disney Parks have been putting up construction walls all over the place, including around some of its most popular icons. The Hub in Magic Kingdom park is getting a complete overhaul, and the Partners Statue is in a box. Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland is boarded up for its diamond treatment. The Sorcerer’s Hat in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is almost gone!

So what happens when you visit at a low-crowd, high-refurbishment time of year and all your classic picture spots have fake curtains, walls or cranes? Find new photo spots! Even if the picture you post on Facebook doesn’t have Cinderella Castle behind you, most people will recognize where you are. Here are some great spots where you can get a fabulous Walt Disney World family picture:

Magic Kingdom

If you glance at a map of this park, you could spot a dozen different picture spots. While some of the old locations have changed with the addition of New Fantasyland and Storybook Circus, the most iconic are still available, along with some great new shots. Here are some of them:


Splash Mountain (watch out for water!)


Big Thunder Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain


Haunted Mansion (tons of great shots for this one)


The Liberty Belle



It is very difficult to know a time in Walt Disney World’s history where Epcot’s Spaceship Earth has been refurbished on the outside. (The Wand addition and removal is one time I can remember.) However, if the giant icon is experiencing Crane Syndrome, any of the show buildings in Future World and World Showcase would be great. Here are my favorites:


The Seas external sign (with the gulls or with the main characters)


Inside The Land: seasonal hot-air balloons


Italy pavilion


Canada pavilion


Japan’s torii


Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney maps have started using the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror as the new icon of the park (though I’m still a big fan of the Earful Tower). I’m not going to use that one in this blog. Hopefully the Chinese Theater will stay unobstructed for a while once the Sorcerer’s Hat is completely removed. (I’m looking forward to those pictures!) But while we wait for those shots, here are some other great locations:


The Streets of America


The AT-AT at Star Tours (my favorite photo location!)


The speederbike


The Muppet fountain


Animal Kingdom

There are a lot of great locations here besides the Tree of Life. While it may be hard for people to tell these are Disney locations, they are still great places to take a picture:


The Forbidden Mountain


Pick a drum and have a ball!


Shots with animals! (be careful!)


Other Great Photo Spots

Not every iconic photo needs to be taken in the parks, not every photo needs to be with a popular building or prop, and sometimes the best pictures are the spontaneous ones!

You can take shots at your favorite resort hotel:


The giant icons at Pop Century


The Grand Floridian


You can time your picture perfectly with the moving (or stopped) monorail:


The monorail circling Epcot


Or you could just completely forget the icons and just take character pictures till the cows come home!


Remember the Rapunzel and Flynn meet-and-greet? Reminds me of 2011!


No matter where your photographic eye takes you in the Disney Parks, you are bound to take a great shot. And you don’t need those giant park icons to get it!


Do you have a favorite picture spot that’s off the beaten path? Are you just counting the days till the construction walls come down around the icons? Do you envision any NEW picture locations that will be coming in the future? Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Alternative Walt Disney World Photo Locations

  • for me, anywhere in WDW and DL is a good place to take picture! i always try to take selfies with friends while Inside an attraction, even if its a roller coaster.

    • These photos were specifically for those people that love the PhotoPass people who take those family photos in front of famous attractions! Selfies and candids are great anywhere – just watch out for that flash!


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