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Walt Disney World Will Be Reducing Physical Distancing in Most Locations

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Changes are continuing to take place as the Walt Disney World Resort has announced that they will soon be reducing the physical distancing measures in most locations from 6-feet. It’s highly likely that they will be making the change to the recently recommended 3-feet.


According to the Walt Disney World website, Temporary adjustments are still in place to promote physical distancing. While we will reduce physical distancing measures for Guests across many areas with a gradual, phased approach, six-feet distancing measures will continue in all dining locations, merchandise stores and in areas where Guests can temporarily remove their masks.


This change comes in the heels of updated guidance from Orange County, as the Mayor recently signed an order to reduce the physical distancing requirement from 6-feet to 3-feet. As stated, the Walt Disney World Resort will be making these changes in many areas throughout the parks, resort hotels, and more. Areas that will still have the 6-feet distancing will include merchandise locations, dining establishments, and in other areas where Guests have the ability to temporarily remove their masks, like Relaxation Stations.

As we’ve seen recently, Disney is working to return to a more normal experience. They have already allowed Guests the ability to remove their masks when taking photos and temperature checks are going away in the near future.

No word on if this will allow the parks to increase their capacity limits, but one would suspect that if Guests won’t need to distance 6-feet apart anymore, the capacity limits would likely be able to be increased, as well.

We’ll keep you posted about any other changes that occur that will impact the Guest experience.


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  • Would the 3 foot change really impact capacity limits? I mean, without opening more attractions, stores, restaurants or something for more people to do, it would just mean the lines aren’t as long physically. I guess without the long, snaking lines more people could fit into the space, but ultimately it would mean increased wait times without offering more things to do.

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