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Android Lines Update

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On Friday, September 16, 2011, we updated the Android version of Lines in the Android marketplace with a quick tab navigation bar across the bottom. Over the weekend we got messages from users that certain devices were having critical issues with this update. Late yesterday we reverted the published version of our application in the marketplace to the previous working version.

If you downloaded the version with the quick tab navigation, we highly recommend that you delete this app and download the version of the application currently in the marketplace.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and are looking into the issues surrounding the update and the devices on which it was failing.

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6 thoughts on “Android Lines Update

  • Thanks for reverting back at least for the time being, I have a Droid X2 and every time I opened up the app, my on screen keyboard took up half the screen and couldn’t take the keyboard off screen with the app on. Thanks again.

  • Ditto, no problems on my droid x. A suggestion though, let us set the park we are in for faster/easier updating of times. When I’m in a park I don’t chat much, having that park as my default start screen would be nice for inputting times.

  • The new version seems to work fine on my Verizon Droid X.

    • Beat me to it, Tom! My Droid X was fine with it as well. Hope the bugs aren’t too hard to beat!

    • The Droid Bionic too.


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