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Ask It: Ever Received an Elusive PIN Code?

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Within the past year, I’ve managed to find a Unicorn Frappuccino, a Hatchimal in the stores before Christmas, and a FastPass for Frozen Ever After. What I have not been able to find is a PIN code for a Walt Disney World vacation in my mailbox or email. In fact, in more than 30 years of traveling to Walt Disney World, I’ve received exactly one–and it was not properly linked to my name and address, so I couldn’t use it. (I know, insert the sound of the world’s smallest violin playing here.)

PIN Codes are a mystery to many people. There seems to be no predictable rhyme or reason to who gets them and who doesn’t, but if you get one, there’s always the thrill of seeing what sort of vacation discount it may include. So this week, we’re curious:

Have you ever received a PIN code for a discount/special offer on a Disney vacation?

  • No (51%, 372 Votes)
  • Yes (49%, 353 Votes)

Total Voters: 725

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Voting is open here and on Twitter, and we’ll have your results next week. If you have received one, feel free to share what type of deal you were offered in the comments.

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25 thoughts on “Ask It: Ever Received an Elusive PIN Code?

  • Yes I have had a few pin codes, not recently though. I spend less time on the Internet searches than I used too. I used several of the codes not all though

  • Received one but it didn’t beat a discount we already had.

  • We recently received one we will use that gives us 5 FREE nights at Grand Floridian first week of December! We are AP and have been for several years. Also signed up for Vacation Planning video and recently provided very detailed response to our disappointing stay at Wilderness Lodge. Maybe that triggered it?

  • We got a pin code for a room discount at WDW a couple of years ago. Worked out really well as our travel agent was able to apply it to our already booked package at Polynesian. Saved us several hundred dollars.

  • I got a pin code once for Disneyland. I was so disappointed when I found out the deal was the same as they were advertising on TV.

  • We received a pin code in the mail a month or so ago; the offer was similar to or maybe even exactly the same as what was being offered to the general public. We aren’t able to go during the time period offered, so I didn’t look hard at the details.

    Interestingly, it was addressed to my husband — I’m almost always the one who books our vacations, but one time several years ago he booked it for us. I guess they’re trying to lure him back? But that’s strange because of course, his name is always on the reservations that I book.

  • Never had one – not sure how you get them. Are they just for US residents or would we get them in the UK?

  • I’ve actually received at least 4 the last two years. Two were for different percentages off, one for kid play and stay free, and another for free dining package during summer months. Never been able to use them due to already having trip planned. Seems they’re very “last minute” type offers and I’m an advanced planner, like 12-18 months out type lol

  • My family of 4 first went to Disney World in 2013. My parents joined us on the trip but had a separate package. Even though I booked everything and paid with my credit card I have never gotten a pin code. We went again in 2014 and 2017 again with my parents. They on the other hand have received 3-4 pin codes every year since our first trip in 2013. It still benefits us since we are traveling together, but I’ve yet to receive one. Theirs have always been a percentage off of a room.

  • I received a pin code in the mail last year. I had already booked a package online for Thanksgiving. The dates were for part of the time I had booked. I called and asked if I could use it for our entire stay and if it would work at POFQ since I knew that was often excluded. She looked up my code, matched it to my name and found my reservation. She punched in the date and I got a discount for the whole trip. I was thrilled!

  • A few years ago in February my family received a PIN # for a 40% off any vacation package. We chose to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge for 7 nights in mid August. While planning our itinerary I learned about concierge or club level service. I asked if we could add that to our stay and was told that was not available with the PIN offer. Since I had never stayed at WDW before I didn’t let that get me down, we were so excited to be going at all! The crazy thing is, is that when we checked into our room we were told we had been upgraded to have access to the club level floor at NO extra charge. Talk about magical pixi dust!!! I just stood there and literally starting crying with joy… It was the vacation of a lifetime 🙂

  • We went to WDW this past November…for the first time in 20 years (my first time as an adult). They must have loved that we paid rack rate and ran up so many charges during our visit because they want us back again for the same period: just got a code the other day, but it’s only for the same RO offer they usually do (‘up to 30%’). It’s too soon for us to go back again (though I hope we don’t wait another 20 years before our next trip) and I thought the period had gotten way too crowded, thanks no doubt to free dining, but after having spent so many years hearing about these elusive codes, I was so tickled to have gotten one!

    • (I should have said – we paid rack rate to stay at POFQ, which is generally excluded from offers.)

  • Tom Bricker actually did a blog post on this years ago… something about “pin code monkeys” lol. I followed his loosely suggested advice and signed up for EVERYTHING Disney- their emails, the shopping website emails, booked several trips, and pin codes started popping up quite often! I haven’t gotten one in awhile, but that may be because I haven’t bought anything or stayed on site in awhile..

  • The only pin I ever got was for the same discount as an existing offer. Didn’t try to use it as we weren’t able to go at the time.

  • I have received many over the years (although not recently). Although most (if not all) seem to be just the same deal that is already available to everyone. It just is a pin code to make me feel like it is especially for me. Has anyone else gotten those as well?

  • I’ve received codes multiple times over the years. They seem to have my name misspelled in the database too. I wonder if this is like the Starbucks cup, you know, where people are guaranteed to tweet or Instagram a goofy name accidentally-on-purpose name blooper and thus show the world they are consuming the brand.
    The inability to redeem the code online forces you to phone, where now you’re engaging with an agent who can upsell you, etc.

  • I just received one for 40% off select Disneyland hotels, Sunday-Thursday August 20-31. It said it was for past guests. We haven’t been to Disneyland since 2009. I don’t recall if I’ve ever received a pin code for WDW.

  • I’ve gotten a few over the years but I don’t remember receiving any recently – most of the time they were for times when we would be able to visit so I was unable to use them. I think one was for free dining outside of the regular free dining deal window.

  • In the process of trying to plan a trip in January I’ve received two codes in my email. Both were for dates we couldn’t use though so I didn’t try the codes to see if they worked. I received the deal for kids to stay and play free and a room discount code. I wondered if I was sent them based on my online activity. I would check package prices for different scenarios and add stuff to my cart but never followed through and checked out but I was logged on under my account the whole time. We did finally book our trip but through a travel agent, I’m curious if I’ll get any other codes now.

  • We got the code once, but also couldn’t ever get it to work.

  • I’ve received them from both Disney World and Disneyland. I received one last year for Disney World that included free park hopper and room discount, but it was for dates I couldn’t use. I also just received one a couple of weeks ago for kids stay and play free, but it was also for dates I couldn’t use this year. I really hope the kids free one will pop up again for another time frame, as we’re dying to go back!

    • WOW!! You got a kids stay and play free pin code!?! I didn’t know they still did those!

      • Yes, I was so excited until I saw the dates. Maybe because we just went in May with the preschool kindermoon package?

    • Free park hopper?? Holy moly!

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