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Ask It Results: Saturday Six or Outlet Report?

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If there was only one Derek Burgan-based poll that you vote in for 2017, we hope this was the one you chose. (If it isn’t, let us know what other Derek Burgan-based polls are out there, because that’s creepy there’d be more than one, ya know?)

In this world where things can be high stress and depressing at times, having these brief glimmers on sunshine can brighten anyone’s week. For many of you, as evidenced by comments left in the articles, notes on Twitter, and the occasional fan letter made from cut out letters from magazines or newspapers, these articles are worth looking forward to every week (for Saturday Six) or once a month (for the Outlet report). This week, because I enjoy Sophie’s choice types of polls, we asked you:

Which of these TouringPlans blog features is your favorite?

Here’s your responses (with the understanding that although “Both” was the clear winner, even though it wasn’t a choice…).

The Outlet Report (365 votes, 38%)


Billed as the longest running monthly look at the Disney Outlet stores in Orlando, the Outlet Report (officially called The Magic, The Memories, and Merch!) features photos and commentary about the best and the worst items to make it to the Disney official outlet stores at Vineland and International Drive. In the past year you’ve seen goodies like the latest in Tsum Tsum toys, piles of unsold MagicBands, t-shirts, mugs, pins, ornaments, and the troubling-motion Mickey Toy. As a minimalist, when I visit the Outlets, I leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but photos most months. Derek truly makes the bigger sacrifice, however, spending his hard-earned residuals to buy the finest stuff that Disney couldn’t sell at full price (minus discounts, of course).

Saturday Six (584 votes, 62%)


Every week, the Saturday Six picks a theme and provides a top 6 (plus honorable mentions) list about the theme. No topic is off limits. This year, topics have included dogs at Disney hotels, things Disney can take to the dump, and Walt Disney World pet peeves, along with highest and lowest rated attractions in theme parks, features about individual theme park lands, an a wide variety of “best of”-style articles. With gorgeous photography work (taken by a crack team of photographers and Photoshop artists) and witty copy (with just enough typos to give each list “personality”), this is quality Pulitzer-worthy work. (And by Pulitzer, I’m talking Lilly Pulitzer-style-worthy designs that make you go slightly insane if you stare at it too long.) The Saturday Six has something for everyone, and at some point in the year, you will find something that makes you cringe internally.

There you have it–your results for this week. Next week’s Ask It is live on Twitter and on the blog here. We’ll be back next week with more of your results.





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