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Breakfast at Universal Orlando Resort: Top Quick Service Picks

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Food quality at Universal Orlando has improved significantly over last 7 years. Despite that, breakfast can still be a challenge when visiting Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure. Even the biggest fan of Universal Orlando should admit that breakfast options still need improvement overall. In fairness, a large portion of Universal Orlando guests do not prioritize breakfast since you might not want a full meal before riding the Simpsons attraction or Forbidden Journey if you are afraid of getting sick on attractions.

Having said all of that, there are some superstar breakfast options in CityWalk and the theme parks. Now if you are looking for full service/table service breakfast, those are located at the premier and preferred on-site hotels. We plan to cover these breakfast options in a future article.

If you are a coffee person or married to a coffee person like me, then you need to know where all the Starbucks are located. All the on-site resorts have a Starbucks or proudly serve Starbucks coffee. If you need your coffee and are staying on-site, I suggest getting it before you come to the theme parks. If you forget or are staying elsewhere, there is a Starbucks location in the CityWalk area you must walk past from the security hub to the parks. This will be a good option for a breakfast sandwich and a coffee.  You can also wait until you enter the land theme parks because both parks have a Starbucks location.

If a quick breakfast item is your style, then you need to make a stop at Voodoo Doughnut at least once. This is a themed specialty doughnut place in CityWalk. If you can handle the sugar that early in the morning, then this is a good choice. Ironically, the queue for donuts will be shortest this time of day. Some other quick options are Cinnabon located in CityWalk and near entrance to Islands of Adventure. There is also a Coke kiosk in CityWalk that sells breakfast sandwiches.

For a more substantial breakfast, you have several quality options. Since this is Universal Orlando, there is breakfast at both Wizarding World quick service locations. If you are a #Potterhead, then you need to have breakfast at least once at one of these locations, Leaky Cauldron or Three Broomsticks. The food is above average for theme park quick service. The theming and atmosphere are any #Potterhead’s dream. Being married to one, I know our bank account has reflected a breakfast purchase many times. The breakfast menu of those two places is similar.

Before moving on to where I would most recommend a quick service breakfast, a few points about Wizarding World restaurants. First, sometimes walk-ins cannot get seated for breakfast at these places because the Harry Potter vacation package spots have taken all breakfast slots. This is uncommon and has never happened to me personally, but it may be an issue during busy seasons. Second, the food quality is good, but you are paying for the theming since breakfast with a small beverage will cost about $18 per person.

Over at Universal Studios Florida, you have two more good breakfast options. If you want a less crowded option closer to Diagon Alley, then the breakfast sandwiches at San Francisco Pastry company will meet your needs. This place also has excellent breakfast baked goods with some people even opting for the quality $2.59 cookie as breakfast.

In Islands of Adventure, Croissant Moon Bakery offers similar items with bonus of the “On the Run” Continental Breakfast for $9.99. This Includes a fruit cup, breakfast pastry/muffin, and breakfast drink. This location can be busy during breakfast hours but if you are on the run to Jurassic World Velocicoaster then maybe have this breakfast after surviving the raptors.

A more recent addition for breakfast at Universal Orlando is the Today Café. As you might imagine, it is themed to the “Today Show” in perfect “NBC and Universal” synergy. The menu here is impressive for a quick service breakfast place. The breakfast sandwiches, for example, are a step up from ordinary. Two examples are the Park Avenue Avocado Toast and the Smoked Salmon Lox Bagel. Both are served with fresh fruit and will cost you less than Wizarding World breakfast. If those do not work for you then, Today Café has Overnight Oats and an Acai Bowl. If someone in your party just wants a pastry or a muffin for breakfast, the Today Café can handle that also. Though this is a divisive issue in my household, if you do not enjoy Starbucks coffee, you will probably like the coffee brewed at Today Café. If you like it, you can even buy some to take home to enjoy at your own house while you watch the Today Show on NBC. Many guests list Today Café as their top choice for dining at Universal Studios Florida overall.

Acai Bowl.

Breakfast may not always be the most important meal of the day for many Universal Orlando guests. However, if you want to enjoy breakfast, these quick service options will meet your needs and if you choose wisely may surprise you with their quality.

What’s your go-to option for a quick breakfast at Universal Orlando? Let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Breakfast at Universal Orlando Resort: Top Quick Service Picks

  • A Voodoo Donut note – we picked up donuts the night before, so we would have them in the morning, but ran into two problems. First, the donuts are very big, especially the specialty donuts – a family of 4 probably doesn’t need 6, especially if they won’t be able to refrigerate the leftovers (we only stayed one night).

    Second, this is not a novel concept. A *LOT* of people were doing this on our night back in April. You had to use mobile order and give them at least an hour, and then you picked your donuts up at a stand outside the actual restaurant – one that was mobbed, and which really needed a better system than a guy yelling a number that people couldn’t hear.

    Donuts were really tasty though!

    • thanks for your comment. If you have read some of my other stuff, you will see that i am not a fan of UOR mobile ordering ever. Also, if you want to see large donuts then check them out at Everglazed over at Disney Springs. I would agree that I would not generally recommend them for the next morning. My suggestion was breakfast on same day, which I have done many times.

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