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Cookes of Dublin at Disney Springs Provides Quick and Satisfying Food

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Part of our day-to-day in-park research includes revisiting restaurants to ensure our dining reviews are up to date. I recently went to Cookes of Dublin at Disney Springs to try out some of their classic Irish-inspired food.

Cookes of Dublin Setting and Atmosphere

Cookes of Dublin is located at Disney Springs right next to Raglan Road. It is a counter service restaurant with a small seating area inside and few tables outside as well. Right next to it there is also a small bar with additional outdoor seating if you want to eat your food and have a few drinks as well.

Cookes of Dublin Menu

The menu at Cookes of Dublin includes a variety of entrees such as their famous fish and chips ($12.95), slow roasted pork ($15), sandwiches ($15), and burgers ($15). There is also a kids menu with similar options and a small selection of desserts ($6). The menu is not very adventurous so there is something here for everyone, but if you or anyone in your party is looking for any vegetarian or vegan options you might want to steer clear. Gluten-free options are available upon request.

The Dining Experience at Cookes of Dublin

I ended up ordering the famous fish and chips for $12.95. You only get one piece of fish but the piece they give you is substantial. The fish was cooked perfectly with a nice crunchy outside and a flaky inside. The chips are thick with a soft center just like you would see traditionally served with a meal like this.

For dessert I ordered the raspberry and white chocolate blondie ($6). This is thick and more like a piece of fudge as supposed to a brownie and could easily be split between two people. I was looking forward to trying this but the taste was off for me in regards to the white chocolate.

Cookes of Dublin Ratings

We have ratings and rankings for every Walt Disney World dining location and Cookes of Dublin has a 90% thumbs up rating, and is ranked #41 out of 109 counter service restaurants.

I would recommend Cookes of Dublin if you are looking for fare similar to Raglan Road but want a quick meal. It’s definitely a good option for families as there is a good variety of entrees here and the prices are not too high. As for dessert I would recommend going elsewhere at Disney Springs since there are better options.

Cookes of Dublin offers discounts to annual passholders (10%) Monday through Thursday only.

Have you dined at Cookes of Dublin? What is your favorite thing to order? Let us know in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “Cookes of Dublin at Disney Springs Provides Quick and Satisfying Food

  • The serving size is greater for fish and chips if you order it at Raglan Road instead of Cookes. I found this out at Hole in the Wall Bar a few days ago.

  • Hog in a Box is outstanding. Get extra applesauce with it. I promise you will not regret it.


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