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Disney’s Polynesian Resort Room Review: A Moorea Deluxe Studio

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With over 20 resorts to choose from at Walt Disney World, choosing your home away from home at the most magical place on earth can be a little overwhelming. To make the decision process a little easier, we’ve published a number of room reviews that cover everything you need to know from pools and dining to room amenities and size.

We recently stayed in a newly refurbished Moana-themed room at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort where we highlighted the new decor and the iconic resort’s pros and cons. However, those rooms are only one of the Poly’s many options.

So for today, we’re reviewing a Deluxe DVC Villa at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort to see how it compares!

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort – The Basics

As a refresher, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort opened with Walt Disney World in 1971 offering guests a tropical island getaway in the heart of Central Florida.

With the exception of the on-the-water bungalows, guest accommodations are housed in two and three-story Hawaiian “longhouses” named after Polynesia locales like Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa. They can be found spread across the resort’s 39 acres with the Great Ceremonial House serving as the Polynesian’s lobby.

Several of the resort’s longhouses, such as Moorea, Tokelau, and Pago Pago house Disney Vacation Club villas, and that’s what we’re checking out today.

For all the deets on the resort, its recreation, dining, transportation, and the like, check out our previous Polynesian Resort room review here.

Our Polynesian Resort DVC Room

Our park reporter Chrissy recently stayed in Room 3003 in the Disney Vacation Club Moorea building at the Poly.

This Deluxe Villa is similar to the resort’s standard Moana-themed room in that it sleeps up to 5 guests. However, instead of 2 queen beds, the villa offered 1 queen bed with a single pull-down bed and 1 queen pull-down bed.

The Bathroom

One of the biggest perks of the villa has to be the double bathrooms: 1 full bathroom with a tub and shower combo and 1 shower room with a sink and counter.

Here’s a look inside the full bathroom which measured 9 ft. 5 in. x 6 ft.

The vanity not only had H2O products but a significant amount of storage space, plus a handy shelf under the lighted mirror.

Here’s a view of the other side of this bathroom and the toilet space.

The other bathroom does not have a toilet, but the vanity is bigger and so is the shower.

Overall, the floor space here measured 4 ft. x 4 ft. 2 in. Also, both bathrooms are separated from the hallway by sliding wood doors.

A quick look at the provided Conair hair dryer.

This luxurious shower – complete with a rainfall showerhead and a detachable showerhead – measured 3 ft. 6 in. x 36 in. By the way, that strip of rockwork feels amazing on your bare feet after a long day at the parks. Also, you can actually sit down in here.

The Kitchenette & Closet

Across from the bathroom and in the hallway is the closet.

Measuring 7 ft. x 4 ft. 4 in., this is where guests will find the room’s additional pillows and blankets, plus a laundry basket, iron and ironing board, and an ample supply of hangers.

The closet also contains the room’s safe and additional shoe storage.

Before we head into the bedroom, let’s take a look at this DVC Villa’s kitchenette.

Equipped with an old-school coffee maker, microwave, sink, mini-fridge, disposable cups, and plates, guests will also find an extra sink for those refillable mugs, a microwave, toaster, cabinet storage, and the room’s mini-fridge.

Joffrey’s coffee, Twinings Green Tea, sugars, and creamer are provided.

Here’s a peek inside the kitchenette cabinet.

Lastly, a quick glance inside the mini-fridge.

The Bedroom

The bedroom was fully carpeted and measured 14 ft. x 16 ft. 3 in. However, when measuring the room from the door to the sliding doors and patio, the room measured 31 ft. 6 in. long.

In addition to a nightstand between the beds, the Queen bed had a shelf complete with USB ports and outlets. In total, this villa had 4 USB ports and 14 outlets.

The Queen bed’s mattress was  a Sealy Posturepedic Sayer Prolux with a Plush Pillowtop.

For those who hate fold-out sofa beds, Disney has a solution.

Guests need only to pull down on the handles on either side of the Lilo and Stitch watercolor…

…and the sofa folds in on itself as the extra bed comes down.

The villa also has two chairs and a table topped with a “Shruggie” Tiki lamp (he’s the resort’s icon).

Also, the TV was a 48″ Samsung.

Inside what appears to be a long table is actually an additional bed! Again, guests need to only pull on the handles visible atop the wooden carvings for the extra bed to fold out complete with a Lilo and Stitch backdrop!

As usual, Chrissy checked out all of the room’s bedding which varied in date from 2018 to 2021. Here’s a look at what she found:

Also, the small coffee table in front of the couch can easily be moved around the room and also serve as bonus storage.

Lastly, we took light readings all throughout the room – all LUX. Here’s what we found:

  • 183.6 @ coffee station
  • 230 @ table near balcony
  • 247 @ pillow nearest nightstand
  • 221.1 @ nightstand
  • 255 @ vanity in bathroom with just shower
  • 331.4 @ vanity in bathroom with tub

She also measured sound levels which came out to be 47.1 dBA when the A/C was on.

Now, let’s get to that patio.

While it’s not much to write home about, this room still offers benefits in terms of its location. Let’s get into those details.

The Location of Moorea Room 3003

A huge perk of the Moorea building is that it’s the closest longhouse to the TTC (Transportation and Ticket Center) which is where guests transfer to a monorail to visit Epcot.

As usual, Chrissy timed just how long it takes to get to various locations throughout the room. Here’s what she found:

  • 20 seconds from room to the elevator
  • 2 minutes 38 seconds from room to TTC security for the monorail to EPCOT & Magic Kingdom
  • 4 minutes from room to Oasis Pool
  • 4 minutes 41 seconds from room to Magic Kingdom boat launch
  • 4 minutes 58 seconds from room to Great Ceremonial House
  • 6 minutes 7 seconds from Poly to Magic Kingdom by boat

Moorea also has the best little bit of beach that’s often the least crowded during the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks.

For guests planning to catch the fireworks from the Poly beach, the show’s full audio is piped in. Chrissy recommends keeping your seat for the Electrical Water Pageant that immediately follows! It’s a great option for families with little ones.

Have you ever stayed at one of the Polynesian Resort’s DVC Villas? How do you feel this Deluxe Villa compares to the resort’s Moana rooms? Let us know in the comments!

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Savannah Sanders

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13 thoughts on “Disney’s Polynesian Resort Room Review: A Moorea Deluxe Studio

  • This is lovely! Maybe after one of our vacations and stay over at Savannah and the best hotels in the area from , I will consider visiting this place for a change with my family!

  • We’re booked to stay in March and would love to know how big the floor space is in the bathroom with the shower. We’re wondering if we can squeeze in a toddler inflatable bed in there for some quiet, dark nap time for the little one! Thank you!

  • We are staying in May. Would also like to know size of both pull down beds and comfort. I would have preferred a regular queen size bed but if the mattress is the same it would work.

    • Hello! The single pull-down beds under the TV are typically smaller than a twin-sized bed and often best for kids/tweens under 5 ft. tall.

      As for the other queen bed, the label wasn’t visible but the mattress itself was thinner and more flexible than the regular queen.

  • What is the mattress that is on the queen size pull down?

    • Thank you, this is very informative! We are looking forward to staying there in August. Like Sarah, I would love to know the size of the pull down bed. Also, what was the view like from this room, and what was the size of the patio?

    • Hello! The mattress on the queen-size pull-down bed was thinner and more flexible than the other queen bed; the label wasn’t visible.

      • Thank you! We are booked here for 8 nights in August and I am so excited after seeing all these pictures!

  • What was the size of the sleeping surface on that single bed, which is under the TV? Thanks!

    • Hello! Great question! These single beds are typically smaller than a twin-sized bed. In my experience, they’re best for kids/tweens under 5 ft. tall.

  • I’ve been eyeing a stay at Poly in the future, but I’m increasingly torn. I wish they hadn’t taken the color out of these rooms recently. I would have chosen them over the Moana rooms, but now the color has been drained out, I’m not sure.

    • We were at Moorea the 16th-22nd !! In 1015. As a Poly brat (stays dating to 1983) I’ve always loved the long houses and grounds of the Poly. Fond memories walking past Tangora and the old Fun hut arcade building to the GCH. The only disappointment we had was the difficulty viewing the water pageant in its entirety due to the bungalows blocking the view. And sadly our brick from the walk around the world was finally removed. It was on the bamboo lined walkway exiting poly to the ttc.

      • I totally agree with you! We miss the view from the beach. The bungalows totally ruined that experience 🙁

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