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2022 EPCOT Festival of Holidays: Donut Box Holiday Kitchen Review

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The Donut Box, near Test Track, has become a Festival regular with different offerings at each event.

Our recommendation: if the donuts are fresh when you get there, don’t hesitate. If not, only one donut was worth the wait for a fresh batch.

Booth Overview

donut box assortment


  • Croissant Donut – $6
    – with Cinnamon-Sugar
  • Holiday Yeast Donut – $5
    – with Vanilla Icing and Red and White Sprinkles
  • Chocolate Peppermint Donut – $5
  • Eggnog and Cream-filled Donut – $5
    – with Cinnamon Icing and Crumbled Gingersnap Cookies
  • Combination box of donuts – $18


  • Gingerbread Milk Shake (nonalcoholic) – $4.50
  • Coppertail Brewing Co. Gingerbread Stout – $5.50
    – Tampa, FL
  • Gingerbread Milk Shake – $11.50
    – with Whipped Cream Vodka

Our Thoughts

Best of the Booth

The Croissant Donut was the clear superstar of this kitchen this year. So many layers and so much cinnamon sugar! Lovely! One note – make sure you’re getting a fresh one. Ask at the window when you turn in your receipt. Otherwise, you’ll get a deflated lump of sugar and exhausted layers of sweet dough. The difference is shocking, and enough to grant us the patience needed for a fresh batch.

Rest of the Booth

The others are the usual puffy, sweet, sugar bombs and they come with the appropriate festive decorations. They aren’t exactly a skip but we can’t tell you to spend your money on them either. If there was a category between “skip” and “must get” these would go there.

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