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Epcot Segway Tours Cancelled

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This past August, Disney announced a new, changed Segway Tour for Epcot called the Keep Moving Forward: See the World, Share the Dream Segway Tour. It now appears that all Segway Tours out of Epcot have been cancelled. Reports say that Disney is contacting guests who have already scheduled their tours for cancellation. No reason has been given for the cancellation of the tour, and we do not know if this is a temporary change or a permanent one.

As of right now, for those who would still like to take a trip on a Segway, Disney is still offering tours over at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. This tour is called the Wilderness Back Trail Adventure and allows guests to ride the X2, an all terrain Segway vehicle, in a tour that lasts about two hours, making stops along the way that include Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, the Tri-Circle-D Ranch, and Bay Lake.

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21 thoughts on “Epcot Segway Tours Cancelled

  • I hope this comes back. We were just in Chicago and my 10 y/o son noticed a Segway tour and I mentioned that I had done this when he was little at Epcot. He wanted to know how old you had to be and if we could do it.

  • Wow, I just read about the cancellation of the Epcot Segway tour. How disappointing. My husband and I did the tour and loved it. It was very well run. The training before was excellent and the guides we had, gave us great info about the countries. It was easy to maneuver because the countries do not open until 11. We also had breakfast before which was good. Hope it comes back…worth the money!!!

  • We did this tour in Dec 2012, and absolutely LOVED it. I totally disagree with anyone thinking that Segways “ruin” the experience of EPCOT…sheesh…EPCOT is supposed to be all about the future and new technology. And since most of the tours are scheduled for before the park fully opens, I really don’t see the problem with being inconvenienced by them. My thinking is that if you tried it, you would love it too! Not only was it fun going around in the “countries” before the park opened, it was very educational as the guide told us (we all had head sets so we could hear everything he said) many things about Disney and EPCOT that even I, a seasoned veteran, didn’t know. I sure hope they will bring this tour back in time for my next visit, hopefully in 2014!

  • We did the tour in 2011 and loved it. My daughter was 16 at the time and we were lucky enough to be the only two on our tour and our guides were wonderful. I hope they bring the tour back to Epcot. What a great way to see it all. One of the guides video taped us plus took a ton of pictures for us. At least we have that.

  • Sooo dissapointed. My sister and I did this last October and loved it. Was going to do it in Jan. with my husband but he had a stroke and it effected his eyes so thought it was better not to while we were there. Going back in Oct. 2013 for a girls trip and had everyone excited about doing this. Guess I’ll have to see if they want to do the one at fort wilderness.

  • I have a tour booked for June. I called the number for booking tours to ask about our Keep Moving Forward tour. The woman was very helpful! Though she could not give me the reason, she said that they do NOT in fact WANT to cancel the tour. So they are only cancelling them about four weeks at a time. So those in May and June have not been cancelled yet. They are hoping to resolve whatever issue they are having so that they can keep the tour going. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our June one will work out. It was my husband’s birthday present, and he’s always wanted to ride a Segway.

  • Booked one for May – haven’t heard a thing from Disney to say they’ve cancelled and they still have my money. Tried ringing today and was passed around different departments then dropped on someones answerphone – really not happy.

  • I have a rez for May 31st. I called today, March 27th, and they still have my reservation as “active”. However, they don’t have any way for others to sign up because they pulled it from the rez system. And there are no others signed up for that day and time with us. They told me I could cancel, but the program is actually in limbo: “We don’t know if the program is going to be permanently discontinued. So, until they decide for your particular time and day, I can’t give you an answer.” But…I’m glad I didn’t cancel, bc I’d much rather be granted fast passes for the trip in exchange for THEM canceling!! To me, that would be a much better 16th birthday present for my daughter than a segway tour!

    • I just called and got the same information that I can keep the reservation and maybe it will be back… crossing my fingers! My reservation is for the end of June. Of course, FastPasses are nice, too!

  • I just called and confirmed that the tour had been canceled, although they hadn’t yet contacted me or issued the refund. If you have a tour booked, call ASAP!

  • I too, have not been keen on them at Epcot. For me it detracts from the simple pleasure of wandering around and enjoying the beauty. Keep them at resorts out of the way and I’m happy. Of course I haven’t ever tried them as my children are too young, so I will admit to being a little jealous of anyone looking like they are having an even better time than me – I like to think they are putting it on, as I have the best time ever!! 11 weeks and counting until I return.

  • I am sorry to hear that. We loved the segway tour and looked forward to it again. I guess we’ll try it at the Wilderness the next time we’re there. I may have missed it, but has anyone said why it was being cancelled at EPCOT. Seems odd to cancel it at EPCOT and not at the Wilderness.

  • I hope it is permanent. I absolutely hated seeing those horrible contraptions all over the World Showcase. I abhorred them when I lived in DC and it just made me sick when they brought them to Disney.

    • Can’t have other people enjoying something you yourself do not!
      I’m glad others’ disappointment has brought you so much joy, Kristina.

    • I’m so sorry if people wanted to have fun.

  • So disappointed. We took the tour in December and planned to do it again this year because we liked it so much. Thanks for the heads up on the Fort Wilderness tour – we usually stay at Wilderness Lodge and had no idea there was a Segway tour nearby.

  • Disney World < Disney Lawyers 🙁

  • What a shocker. I did the tour on 31 January this year and really enjoyed it. It was one of the things going on the certain list for the next trip. Oh well, Wilderness Lodge tour will have to do instead.

  • Yup. We had booked a tour of the World Showcase next week (my wife is running in the Princess Half Marathon) and we got a call from Disney notifying us of the cancelation. We are obviously disappointed but they refunded us our money and set us UP with Fastpasses for our entire trip. Turning lemons into lemonade! This is why we love Disney!

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