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Epcot’s Scavenger Hunts

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Epcot has become a park that, over the years, has become a festival arena, with multiple festivals throughout the year. Although these festivals all have something to interest everyone, one part of the festivals is a themed scavenger hunt that is fun for the whole family to do together. Here’s a summary of the different Epcot scavenger hunts throughout the year.

Figment’s Brush with the Masters

As part of the Epcot International Festival of the Arts toward the beginning of the year, there is the Figment’s Brush with the Masters scavenger hunt. For this scavenger hunt, you are searching for famous paintings around the countries of World Showcase. There’s a little twist, however–these famous paintings all have Figment featured prominently in them. In the past, completion of the scavenger hunt sheet provided rewards like a collectable pin or a magnet featuring some of the Figment-ized artwork. In many ways, this is a fairly easy scavenger hunt–the paintings are fairly large and usually they are found in inside locations. The inclusion of Figment makes it fun for all ages, and the weather during this event is cool enough that walking all of World Showcase is pleasant.

Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration

During Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival, the Spike, the honey bee can be found hiding throughout the garden exhibit booths in the countries of World Showcase. At the end of this scavenger hunt, you can redeem your map for a set of commemorative patches. This scavenger hunt won’t provide much of a challenge for adults, but it is a wonderful learning opportunity for younger kids to learn more about different types of plants and engage with these small, themed gardens. Each Spike character is hidden in an outdoor space with a sign to identify the plant

Epcot Egg-stravagana

What’s Easter without an egg hunt? During the Spring Break and Easter season, a variety of large (think watermelon-sized) character-themed Easter eggs are hidden around World Showcase. This scavenger hunt can be quite a challenge for the whole family. The eggs can be hidden inside or out, up high or down low. Sometimes you will see them easily when walking one direction around World Showcase, but they may be hidden from view if you’re walking around the other way. This truly is a great family event, but you may want to buy multiple maps. The reward for this scavenger hunt are small plastic eggs decorated like various Disney characters. For our family, this is an annual tradition, and we love decorating our own home with the eggs from the different years.

Remy’s Hide and Squeak

Once the heat of summer is starting to wind down, Food and Wine festival starts up. During Food and Wine, everyone’s favorite rat chef, Remy, hides all over Epcot with some ingredients for signature dishes. Unlike other scavenger hunts, this one does include some hidden objects in Future World, as Remy tends to hide near a variety of food booths. Because Remy and his ingredients are pretty close to life-size, this one can be a challenge–he can hide virtually anywhere. If you’re stuck, take a look near the food booths. That tends to be where he will be hiding. In the past, Hide and Squeak has had rewards like keychains and collectible pins for completion of the hunt.

Chip and Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree

For the holiday season, there is one more scavenger hunt on the calendar. During Festival of the Holidays, you can participate in Chip and Dale’ Christmas Tree Spree, as everyone’s favorite chipmunks are hiding in wreaths all around World Showcase. By far, this scavenger hunt gave us the most challenge when we tried it, and even needed help from a Cast Member to find our first one. The wreaths blend in remarkably well, and Chip and Dale are understandably small. This is the one scavenger hunt that I’d suggest skipping if you are visiting during the crunch week between Christmas and New Year’s because it will be very difficult to maneuver around to find the hidden objects in large crowds. For those who do complete the scavenger hunt, the reward has been a set of small button-like pins.

To earn the rewards for the scavenger hunts, you do have to purchase a souvenir map with stickers (usually about $5-7), however you can participate in the scavenger hunts for fun just by looking for the objects in each area. Maps can be purchased at gift shops in Epcot, and the redemption location is marked at one of the gift shops near the entrance to World Showcase. To save time, you can ask to pick up the redemption item when you buy the map at the redemption location and then complete the map on your own time during the events.




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