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FAQ: The Disney Cruise Line Debarkation Questionnaire

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On the last evening of your Disney Cruise, your stateroom attendant will leave a questionnaire in your stateroom. Here’s everything you need to know about the document.

Do I have to fill out this questionnaire?

Unlike most of the pre-cruise forms DCL sends your before your sailing, completing this one is not 100% mandatory, though you’ll almost certainly encounter crew members who make it seem otherwise.

Why would they imply that the questionnaire is mandatory when it’s not?

The end-of-cruise survey plays a huge part in the review process for key crew members including your dining team and stateroom host. They REALLY want to have great ratings recorded.

I liked my dining team and host, how should I rate them?

It might seem like rating team members you like with a “good” or “very good” means that you’ve enjoyed their service. But over the years I’ve come to understand that anything other than “excellent” is effectively poor. It’s common to hear servers strongly hinting that they want you to give them excellent ratings, this is why.

In my normal life, I tend to rate things “very good” if I feel they’re, well, very good. But I understand that my very good DCL server should get an excellent rating. Of course, your approach to this issue is up to you.

Is the questionnaire always the same?

There are slight variations. Obviously there are different questions related to the various restaurants on the ships. In recent years DCL has added questions about the digital experience on board. You may also find a supplemental insert with questions related to any special events or themes during your sailing such as Halloween on the High Seas, Very Merrytime sailings, or Pixar or Marvel sailings.

Can I see what the questionnaire looks like?

Your exact questionnaire may be a tiny bit different, but this will give you the general idea. Click on photos to enlarge.

Are there any questions that I should pay special attention to?

There will usually be a question at the end that says something like, “Are there any Crew Members who made your cruise experience particularly magical?” This is a great place to be generous with your praise.

During your sailing, keep an eye out for cast members who make your trip more pleasant, beyond just the dining and stateroom folks. Did a bartender make you a great drink? Did your child adore a kids’ club host?  Did your trivia host make the game super fun? Did the stage performers absolutely wow you? Did you notice cleaning staff doing their job with great attention to detail and a big smile? Please take the time to mention them on your questionnaire. Your kudos can make a big difference in their continued employment.

What can I do if I have more to say than there is space for on the questionnaire?

You’re welcome to attach additional sheets or write a supplementary note. There should be blank paper, a pen, and a few envelopes in the desk drawer of your stateroom. You can hand write a note with extra info (positive or negative) and drop it in one of the questionnaire return boxes. You’re also welcome to send DCL an email at any time.

Disney Cruise Line prefers to have comments in writing rather than verbal communication. For example, last year on the Magic my husband had his favorite version of French fries at Cabanas for lunch one day (he’s very particular). The next day there was a different style of fry there. He made sort of a jokey sad face to the cast member attending the buffet line. It turns out a chef had overheard him and made a special batch of the good fries just for him and brought them to our table. Hubby was completely wowed by this level of service and went to Guest Relations in person to relay his appreciation of the chef’s deed (after thanking him profusely in person, of course). Guest relations handed him a blank paper and an envelope and said to write out a comment and drop it in the questionnaire comment box.

Similarly, if you have a negative experience, the questionnaire and a supplemental note are a way to have this documented.

What do I do with the questionnaire when I’m done completing it?

On debarkation morning, you’ll find return boxes located in the breakfast dining rooms, at the Guest Services desk, and at the debarkation security point (where you tap out of the cruise before you get off the ship). You can also leave the questionnaire in your stateroom or hand it to pretty much anyone in a DCL uniform.


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