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Galaxy’s Edge Differences: Breakfasts at Docking Bay 7

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Disney has started to post menus for Galaxy’s Edge, and we’re noticing some differences between the California menus and the Florida menus.

One interesting item of note is that the California menu for Galaxy’s Edge now notes that breakfast service at Docking Bay 7 is limited during the weekdays.

So if you’re looking for hot breakfast on Batuu Monday-Thursday, this isn’t the dining location you’re looking for.

Also of note are some differences in the non-alcoholic beverages. The passionfruit kombucha-based “Batuubucha Tea” is not listed as being offered in Florida, nor is the Phattro (tea, lemonade, and desert pear). Instead, Florida gets a limeade-based drink.

Moof Juice is offered at both locations.

Overall, prices for food are similar, but Florida prices are slightly higher for some options (for instance, a large fountain drink will run you $4.19 in California and $4.49 in Florida and a “Black Caf [coffee] is $2.99 in California and $3.29 in Florida).

One other disappointing note, presently Walt Disney World does not have the allergy-friendly breakdown on their menu the way the Disneyland menu does.  Hopefully as we get closer to opening, the menu will have those options clearly delineated on the site.

As always, more changes will be coming in the days leading up to and after the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, but it is exciting to see information becoming available now.

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