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New Lands Coming to Epcot

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Get ready to throw everything you knew about Epcot out the window! The theme park is slated to undergo a massive transformation. The idea behind the park’s refurbishment is for Guests to be able to imagine the future that we can all create together.

The park, which has such deep personal connections to so many of us, will (when completed) celebrate the Magic of Possibility, of Hope and Wonder. It will feature more attractions, more family experiences, and yes, more shade.

The transformation of Epcot is the biggest transformation of any Disney park, with a goal of making it more Disney, more family, more timeless, and more relevant. The beginning of that transformation starts with letting go of the idea of just two sections, Future World and World Showcase. Instead, soon, Guests will have four different sections of the park to go explore.


These four neighborhoods are inspired by aspects of our world. Where Future World currently sits, there will eventually be three new neighborhoods called World Celebration, World Discovery, World Nature, and yes, Guests will still be able to visit World Showcase around the lagoon.

These neighborhoods will be filled with new experiences that feature authenticity and innovation, taking you to new destinations, where the real is made fantastic in a celebration of curiosity, hands-on wonder, and the magic of possibility.


For those who want more details about what we can expect to experience with the transformation of Epcot, you can visit Odyssey Events Pavilion to experience this exhibit called Walt Disney Imagineering presents the Epcot Experience. Inside Guests will be able to discover interactive exhibits that allow you to step inside upcoming park overhaul, as well as see some never-before-revealed details of Epcot’s transformation. The doors of this new exhibit open on October 1.

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  • Brilliant. Gives some structure to what have been some frayed edges in presentation.

    Walt envisioned the Magic Kingdom behind EPCOT. You had to visit the latter to reach the former. Sort of eating your vegetables before you go your dessert. I don’t mind the IP and attractions along with, or behind, traditional EPCOT/World Showcase experiences. Then man, himself, realized it would likely take a little sugar with the medicine

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