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Be Our Guest Restaurant Dinner Menu Change Up

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Be Our Guest Restaurant
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Be Our Guest Restaurant has become arguably, the most popular restaurant at Walt Disney World. With its unique theme centered around actually being in Beast’s Castle from Beauty and the Beast, to having decently delicious food (though some may argue the food quality has slipped a bit recently), this restaurant has become the hottest ticket to get for those looking to make Advance Dining Reservations.

Well, Disney has announced that they will be making some changes to Be Our Guest Restaurant by introducing a prix fixe dinner menu that boasts a variety of French-inspired dishes and new offerings.  The meal will include a three-course dinner that includes your choice of appetizer and entrée, followed by a dessert platter.

Appetizer options will include:

  • French Onion Soup
  • Charred Octopus with citrus-laced fingerling potatoes, pickled hearts of palm and red pepper coulis
  • Escargot with herb garlic butter and toasted gremolata
  • a selection of assorted meats and artisanal cheeses such as chicken liver pâté, chorizo sausage Manchego, and truffle tremor

Entrees will include:

  • Grilled Center-Cut Filet Mignon with potato au gratin, Romano beans, Cipollini marmalade and a cherry-laced red wine reduction
  • Smoked Black-Eye Pea Tortellini with roasted seasonal vegetables, tomato relish and basil-scented tomato water
  • Poulet Rouge Chicken
  • Saffron-Infused Seafood Bouillabaisse
  • Roasted Lamb Chops
  • Kurobuta Pork Tenderloins

These menu offerings will be replacing the current menu offerings for dinner and it does seem as though Guests will no longer be able to go in and order a la carte. It also appears that the lunch and breakfast will remain the same as they are. In addition, while not confirmed by Disney, reports are indicating that the cost is $55 for adults and $35 for children or those on the Disney Dining Plan will need to use two credits to dine here for dinner.

This new menu for Be Our Guest Restaurant will begin being offered on July 27 and reservations will open on February 23.

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22 thoughts on “Be Our Guest Restaurant Dinner Menu Change Up

  • I love Be Our Guest for dinner. It’s one of my favorites. Lunch is just ok but dinner has a wonderful atmosphere. the menu still looks inviting to me. I wouldn’t miss it while I’m there, if I’m lucky enough to get a reservation.

  • I had dinner there just a couple of months ago. Very disappointed. I thought the menu options were ok but the food quality and level of expertise applied to the cooking was average at best. I told the waitress I wanted to order the steak rare because most chefs overlook their meat. She was very adamant that this was not the case here. So I ordered it medium rare like I alway do and of course it came out medium, almost well. In addition the flavor wasn’t that great either. If this new menu actually improves the quality of the food coming out of the kitchen, I’d be more than happy to pay the higher price. Somehow I get the feeling it’s just going to be more of the same with a better sounding menu.

  • From a financial standpoint, I can see how Thisbe makes sense. Saw lots of people just ordering dessert late night. Hate that they dropped one of my favorite things. Loved those truffle fries! May have to try lunchtime I guess – hopefully they will be available at lunch.

  • I have never eaten at BOG because the Old menu did not thrill me. The new menu is intriguing but I am not sure many American tourists will want to eat Escargot! The price is pretty high too. We paid $45 at Mama Melrose for a prixe fixe Fantasmic Dining Package with appetizer, entree (including strip steak As a choice) and dessert sampler and my husband thought it was too pricey.

    • Yes, it will likely be two meal credits on the Disney dining plan. This should decrease demand significantly.

  • We didn’t like Be Our Guest. Won’t be going back! We thought for the price and hype we would at least be shown to a reserved table and not have to collect our cutlery and drinks. Maybe we are the only people who weren’t blown away by BOG but we can’t see why everyone wants to eat there!

    • You do have a reserved table for dinner while lunch and breakfast are Counter service (sort of)

    • Lunch and dinner are very different at BOG. If you didn’t like lunch, you might still want to try the table service dinner.

  • It’s disappointing that MK doesn’t have a quality counter service location for a good dinner. Animal Kingdom has really stepped up their game and Epcot has tons of options. Not much here at MK that doesn’t break the bank (and still tastes good). Granted, this wasn’t quick service dinner before but it was still a reasonable option for out of pocket if you wanted to try it for dinner. Now, that price seems too high for a family, especially with items my kids would never touch.

  • Wow! I am so glad I finally had the opportunity to eat there earlier this month! I am less than thrilled by the new menu! I didn’t have an appetizer so my meal wasn’t as expensive as the new prix fixe dinner will be.

  • What the heck is ‘tomato water’? Couldn’t they just put the tortellini in tomato sauce?

    Aside from that, I like a lot of the menu options, but I would be worried that for (Disney) $55 the quality of escargot and filet mignon I might receive wouldn’t be I would desire.

    I’ve never been to BoG for dinner, but this could convince me.

  • I was kind of “meh” about the dinner here, and I think the new menu looks promising. My guess is that Disney is hoping this will decrease demand without decreasing profit. It sounds like from this sample of folks that they may be on to something. Now if they could only decrease the number of tables in the main dining room so it feels less like a loud cafeteria.

  • I liked it the way it was. Not happy about the change

  • It looks like there will be a couple extra appetizers when compared to the menu at Cinderella’s Castle. I am curious to see if the demand will fill the restaurant six months from now.

  • I hate that now the 2 most popular dining choices at MK are 2 table service credits…

  • It sounds like Disney decided they weren’t making enough per diner. The new menu doesn’t sound very vegetarian friendly. I’m disappointed – we’ll probably rule this out for our November trip. Love the ambience but just not worth $55 a person.

    • I agree. This is surprising considering how active Disney has been adding more vegetarian options to menus in the past year.

      • They’re trading the Ratatouille out for the tortellini. Sounds interesting.

    • Go for lunch or breakfast still get the ambience but a quick service menus

  • Love the menu choices. Not wild about the prix fixe idea.

  • Octopus, Escargot, Bouillabaisse…. interesting choices for Disney. I’m thinking a lot of Americans will be put off by those choices. I might be interested in trying it now if the food gets good reviews.

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