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Happy National Tourist Appreciation Day!

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It’s National Tourist Appreciation Day, and we’d like to give a shout out to all the tourists out there who give purpose for what we do. If you hang around locals long enough in tourist areas like central Florida, you’ll hear grumbles about traffic, crowds, congestion, and more. But what you may not hear are the words of thank you–but deep down, we are all thankful for tourists. Without tourists, we wouldn’t have the amazing life that we have living in the theme park capital of the world. Many of us rely, directly or indirectly, on the tourism industry for our day-to-day life. Tourism is Florida’s number one industry, employing a million people. So if you’re one of the more than 126 million people who has visited Florida recently…


And on a personal level, here at TouringPlans, we love to be able to support you, whether you’re an occasional visitor to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or Universal Orlando, or are almost eligible to be a resident of the theme parks yourself. We are thankful that you take the time to make TouringPlans part of your planning and vacationing experience. If there’s any suggestions you have for topics you’d like us to cover or resources you’d like us to explore, let us know in the comments.

Happy Tourist Appreciation Day! (We’ll be saving a cupcake for you… come on down!)


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3 thoughts on “Happy National Tourist Appreciation Day!

  • I agree! You have changed our touring lives! I don’t think I would have caught the Disney bug as bad as I have without you and I certainly wouldn’t have visited as much without all the time I save with your plans! My son just went last week with his Senior class and he and the ones who were with him and his plan did the most. One girl told me ( who had never been) “He really knew what he was doing. We would start to look at the map, but he’s say come on…” Thank touring plans for making his Senior class trip awesome!

  • Ditto!!!!!!!

  • No, Touring Plans…THANK YOU for making our trips so much more enjoyable!

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