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Night Blossom-Inspired Banshee at Pandora

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Although banshee sales have been in a steady decline (evidenced by not seeing every person in the parks with one of them sitting on their shoulder, and with some colors making it to the Outlets), sometimes a new coat of paint is enough to drive sales. (Hey, it works for all those home improvement shows on HGTV, right? And it did work for rose gold everything at Walt Disney World.)

If you’ve been hiding under a floating mountain, with the opening of Pandora, banshees became the must-have item. Although their heyday has passed, these plastic dragon-like puppets still remain one of the most popular items of Pandora merchandise.

The latest variety for banshee is one themed after the equally trendy Night Blossom drink, which is sold at Pongu Pongu, right outside of the Windtraders gift shop where the banshees are sold. This colorful drink is a blend of apple-lime and desert pear slush, topped with passionfruit popping boba. The drink has many fans, and not just for its eye-catching appearance. (Sadly, I’m not one of them–the flavors are too strong and sweet for my tastes. But if you like this drink, you do you.)

The new banshee is designed to feature these bold colors. First, here’s the drink…


Night Blossom (the drink)


And here’s the banshee.

If you haven’t bought a banshee yet, would this new color pattern make you want to get one? Or if you already have one, would you want to get this one as well? Or do you think that doing a “color of the month” for merchandise may not be as successful for banshees as it is for spirit jerseys and Minnie ears? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Is this banshee limited edition? And is the anniversary banshee still available in store?

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