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Hidden Details of Hollywood Studios

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There are many reasons why the Disney Parks stand apart from other theme parks around the world, but one of the biggest has to be Disney’s incredible attention to detail. You can see the extra mile in the form of details just about everywhere on Disney property, from attractions to parade costumes to resorts to transportation to even the bathrooms! Personally, I love the details. They are not only appealing to the eye and fun to find, but almost always meaningful to the history of an attraction or to the story the Imagineers are trying to tell. For today’s post, let’s take a look at the hidden details of Hollywood Studios!

Casablanca Crate at Hollywood Studios
Casablanca Crate at Hollywood Studios

Near Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner at Hollywood Studios, look for a stack of wooden crates near the water. If you take a closer look, you may recognize who the crates are being shipped to and where they have been shipped from! This crate is being sent to Rick Blaine at Rick’s Cafe Americain in Casablanca, Morocco! Sound familiar? We also found crates being sent to a Scarlett O’Hara at Tara and even one belonging to a Charles Foster Kane! Few guests know about these particular hidden details and it’s really easy to walk right past them, so keep your eyes open.

Details around Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
Details around Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Outside of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular area are remnants of an archaeological excavation with a dig site, a jeep, crates belonging to the college where Indy was a professor, and a worktable that looks like someone has been been using. It also appears that someone left a familiar fedora behind too. Wonder who that could be?

Carthay Circle Theater at Hollywood Studios
Carthay Circle Theater at Hollywood Studios

On Hollywood Studios’ Sunset Boulevard, there is a store facing the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror that’s more significant than many might realize. This store is actually a replica of the famous Carthay Circle Theater in Hollywood that hosted the premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs back in 1937, which was the beginning of Disney’s success. It’s a hidden detail in plain sight!

At the rear of the park are the Streets of America, exterior sets designed to look like downtown streets from New York or San Francisco. They are great places to snap a few photos, but I always suggest directing your camera to the windows, alleys, and fire escapes as they are brimming with details which make this area more realistic and fun! If you visit the Streets of America around Christmastime, you may discover that the different fire escapes and residences have put their own individual spin on holiday decorating, which is definitely worth seeing!

I love exploring the Muppets area of the park, especially the neighboring shops where it appears that the Muppets have run rampant and use to store their stuff! One of my favorite details? A bull horn hanging from the ceiling that has been painted red and actually sports the horns of a bull! Get it? Bull horn. Yeah, it’s cheesy.

Animation Courtyard Archway

Have you ever noticed the arch leading into Animation Courtyard at Hollywood Studios? It’s covered in intricate carvings of Hollywood life, such as directors and actors, spotlights and camera men, and even animators! In fact, if you take the time to get a close-up look at the arches, you may find a few familiar faces, like Donald and Goofy!

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Details
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Details

Anyone who has ever been in the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror knows that queue is incredible! There is so much to see in the dusty, creepy hotel lobby, that you have to visit time and time again to see it all; but there’s one hidden detail you may not find unless you are sent to the library to the left, as opposed to the library to the right. If you do get sent to the left, look behind you to see an example of the Hollywood Hotel’s former extravagance, these vintage, albeit dusty, perfumes and accessories on display.

Tin Toy Little Golden Book

Speaking of awesome queues, Toy Story Midway Mania‘s is one of the best on Disney property. While kids will love being surrounded by giant board games and crayons, adults are sure to feel a bit of nostalgia seeing some classic toys of their youth. One of my favorite details has to be the giant Little Golden Books; but there’s one that you probably didn’t own as a kid. This book has the Tin Toy on the cover, a character in one of Pixar’s original shorts!

Villains in Vogue
Villains in Vogue

Villains in Vogue is a popular stop at Hollywood Studios. In addition to selling some Disney Villains themed merch, it’s also a yummy bakery! One of my personal favorite hidden details is actually the handle of the Villains in Vogue door. They look like the shell Ursula used to capture Ariel’s voice in The Little Mermaid!

So these are a just a few of the many hidden details to be discovered at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Which of these have you found? Do you have a favorite?

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Savannah Sanders

Savannah has been visiting Disney World since she was a year old and has gone back almost every year since. In the real world, she teaches high school history and government and enjoys writing about all things Disney. Savannah can be reached on Twitter @DisneyParkSavvy.

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  • There are more than enough hidden details in each park for Disney to already have published entire books about each park. (…see “The Imagineer’s Guide to ___” series) Certain respected bloggers ( on this site and others) regularly post in-depth articles about the hidden details of single attractions or restaurants.
    So, it seems to me this series at best simply skims a flat rock over the surface, hitting a few (very few) details in scattershot fashion. I would prefer a knowledgeable writer who invests the time necessary to present an immersive experience, one stop at a time.

    • I notice “DisneyDad” you seem to dislike a lot of posts people write about Disney. It’s seems to me and a lot of other people, all you want to do is discredit good writers. I think if you cant say anything good then don’t say it. Maybe you should start you own blog and let people write bad comments about your posts. Mr.know it all. You definitely don’t need to be called “DisneyDad” You have given both a bad name.

      • Speak for yourself, John. Logical fallacies and insults fail to shore up any thesis. No one’s forcing you to read or heed my advice. 🙂

  • Look up at the ceiling in the pre-show of Muppets 4-D and you see lots of visual puns. Including “A Net Full of Jello”

    say it fast.

  • Curtiz Wine & Spirits refers to Michael Curtiz, the director of Casablanca.

  • great blog… love those details..

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