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Hotwire Goes to the Movies!

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Hey, Psst! Over here… Wanna be the star of your family’s vacation?

Howza ’bout some $68 rooms at All-Star Movies, no questions asked?

Well, you might want to ask some questions – such as, where might I find these amazing deals? and How might I identify them?

Well, as usual, you are in the right place. If you recall in one of our recent posts, you could find some nice Coronado Springs and Pop Century deals in the the weeks leading up to September 15th.

A quick look today confirms that many of those deals are still out there, but now more of those Coronado deals have shown up along with a batch of All-Star Movies deals running all the way to September 29th.

Many, if not most of these $149 – $175 Coronado deals are Tower rooms, as evidenced by the room descriptions. We’re looking at anywhere between 30% and 60% off the regular price. That’s a steal.

Even better: The Movies deals run from $68 to $78 per night.

Yes, you read that right. Sixty-eight. Dollars.

It is hard to find bookable Movies rooms on Disney’s site in the near future, but on one night earlier in the month they had a standard room listed for $124. So, even after you add in taxes and Hotwire fees, those $68 rooms are saving you more than $54 over Disney’s pricing.

The best Hotwire rate I recorded for All-Star Movies before these deals was $88 back in March of 2021. My family and I coincidentally stayed there at the same rate booked directly from Disney in the last weeks of August, 2019.

I suggest you check out the previous Coronado post linked above, or A Towering Deal before that to see tips on identifying that resort in hidden deals. The short version: look for a 3.5-star, 4.4-guest rated resort in Bonnet Creek.

To catch a Movie deal (that doesn’t require acting lessons), look for a 3-star, 4.3-guest rated resort in Bonnet Creek. Both All-Star Sports and Art of Animation have those same ratings right now, but Sports isn’t opening until December and Art of Animation almost certainly won’t have deals as low as these.

But, there are a few techniques to help you be sure you’ve got a Movie deal in hand – first compare the sub-amenities on the deal to the ones on Hotwire’s Movies resort page.

Also, you can use the old Draw technique in the app: once you spot the deal, zoom in on the map to see Movies clearly, click the Draw button and then draw a simple circle around the resort. You should see the deal you are checking show up as being within the circle.

The Calendar of Deals

Here’s an updated calendar of September deals combining the previous drop with the current one. As usual, if you don’t see deals on the browser, try one of the apps. Also, some of these deals may require you search for a specific window of dates for them to appear in results.

In particular, I can only get those terrific $68 Movies deals to show up if I search multiple days starting with 9/21. But, don’t take that date as written in stone – when I reported something similar last time, a few people reported they had to use different windows to get them to show up. Be persistent and you’ll have a good chance at seeing Movies for your own – closeup!

If you’ve booked any of these deals or have any questions, let us know in the comments!

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John Tierney

Security. Genealogy. Dad. Husband. Securigenealodadsband. Also: Disney fan who likes deals. and numbers. and churros. You can find his tweeter @JJT and his Instagram is @johnjtierney

12 thoughts on “Hotwire Goes to the Movies!

  • John,

    Looking for a stay for Friday 9/24-Sunday 9/26. We I searched, only found the all star resort but not Coronado. Check dates individually too but nothing for Coronado. Only found Coronado if I tried Thursday 9/23-Sunday 9/26. Any advice?

    • Hi Jon,

      When I check on both my iPad and desktop browser I am catching Coronado for $175 per night as a HW deal. (A few $ less in the app – and don’t forget to look for promo codes. HWSAVEMORE was working for 8% off the other day (with a $40 or so cap I’m sure.)

      Here’s a screen capture of the deal for reference.

      You might try clearing the cache on your app and/or deleting/reinstalling it – also clear your Hotwire cookies on desktop browser if you are using that. Sometimes HW stops showing you new deals lately until you do that – and it also often shows more good deals in the app.

      Also – even if you do not get the deal to show in the app, try using the Draw tool on the map. I had to do that to book my CSR deal in July/August. It just wouldn’t show for me in regular results, but did appear once I drew a circle around the resort.

      Let me know if anything works for you!

      • John,

        Got it to work but I missed the discount code, darn it. Thanks again for your help, one of my favorite posts on the tpblog.

      • Great to hear – and my pleasure!

  • Thanks, John! I just used your tips to get All-Star Movies for a mid-Sept weekend at $85/night minus another $25 for a promo code! So, in total with taxes I got 3 nights for $291! Am going with husband and daughter on this last minute trip and very excited as Magical Express being available also helps with costs! The most expensive part is the actual ticket. Appreciate your info. The “drawing” tool really helped me the most.

    • That’s great Kate! Hope you have the BEST TRIP! 🙂

  • Hi John, I am looking at Hotwire deal for Pop for the dates of a weekend trip. But I want to book a room that has a Murphy bed. Hotwire offers either “Hotel chooses bed type” or “Standard Room”. Do either of those options mean I’m booking a room with a Murphy bed, or is it just going to be a toss up based on when we check in and what’s available? Thanks!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      That vast majority of rooms at Pop should have 2 Queen beds, and the standard room configuration in those room is the one murphy bed So, you should be good!

  • I literally just booked a non-refundable trip at movies yesterday and there was nothing that good. Its for next week though so I’ll just…hope, that this is only happening in Sept.

    • Maggie,
      I feel your pain. This last trip my family took was the first time in all my years of research where I was able to use a hidden deal!

  • I’ve been waiting for a Calendar of Deals that covered my trip in September! Gonna score CSR for 15-19. Unfortunately cannot book all in one swoop – I see a Hot Rate CSR deal for standard view on the 15th and then the Hot Rate CSR deal for tower view for 16th -19th. Was planning to book both and then see if cast member could upgrade us to Tower View for the 15th, but either way it’s a good deal. Thank you for posting!

    • Hi Shelby, Glad it opened up for you!

      I probably should have mentioned in the post that it seems like the 15th is a transition day on these deals – sort of like the first half of the month and and the second half are separate blocks.

      You can also try the trip extension option on Hotwire after you book – it is not guaranteed you will be able to, but if there are rooms in that block available you may see an option on your reservation where you can add additional days to either the start OR end of your trip. I was able to add 3 days on one side or the other on my last booking – but someone else the next week was not able to. In any case, always worth a look before calling them!


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