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Inside Out Preview Headed to Epcot

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After the Tomorrowland preview ends at the Imagination Pavilion at Epcot (which is showing through May 24), a new preview will take up residence in the Magic Eye Theater. This new preview will showcase the upcoming Pixar flick, Inside Out. The special preview will offer Guests an exclusive intro from filmmakers, an advanced look at a sequence from the film, and in-theater effects.

The inclusion of Inside Out‘s preview in the Magic Eye Theater following the Tomorrowland preview does give more credence to the notion that Captain EO really is dead. (Despite insistence that it isn’t. Time will tell.)

This preview of Inside Out will begin on May 30 and will last about 12 minutes. There is currently no end date scheduled.

The movie, Inside Out will premiere in theaters on June 19 and it looks like it will be spectacular. (But something tells me I may need Kleenex…just a hunch.)

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One thought on “Inside Out Preview Headed to Epcot

  • I think Inside Out is shaping up to be a great movie, but I wish attractions weren’t replaced for extended movie trailers.

    I’m holding on to fleeting hope that Captain EO will return by the time I visit in late August. 🙁

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