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Intermission Food Court Has Reopened at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

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Intermission Food CourtFor the past few months, the Intermission Food Court at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort has been under a large scale refurbishment. The area was originally supposed to open on December 21, but surprise, it reopened a few weeks early!

The resort’s counter service location’s refurbishment is similar to what happened at the End Zone Food Court at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort, with lots of clean lines, wood decor, tons of lighting, and very meticulous theming which can be found hidden throughout the eatery, including murals featuring Mickey, Minnie, and the gang. (Which are based off the new Mickey Mouse shorts currently airing on the Disney Channel. Which also means no more creepy musician murals…so that’s a major win!) Overall, it’s a nice upgrade from what was there before, aesthetically.

Now, let’s get to the food. The restaurant is still set up with different stations that are available for guests to pick and choose from. These sections include The Grill Shop (featuring a create-your-own burger option, as well as other sandwiches); the Pizza and Pasta Shop (featuring a create-your-own pasta option); the Specialty Shop (featuring a create-your own salad option, plus other random delicacies); and The Gelato Shop (featuring tons of gelato options, plus smoothies and specialty coffees).  There is also the bakery section, which offers many different pastries. Finally, there is a Grab and Go area, featuring easy to pick up choices.

Guests can still pick and choose items for their family from the different sections, and then all converge together at the end to pay. Of course, the beverage stations also remain, with an updated look as well. Here guests can fill up their Rapid Fill refillable mug with relative ease.

Overall, the newly updated dining area is a beautiful sight and the upgrades were certainly well needed. I think we all are happy to say, “Welcome to 2014, Intermission Food Court.”

As kind of potential a heads up, while nothing has officially been announced, one would expect that next year, likely beginning next August through December, the World Premiere Food Court at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort will see a similar refurbishment.  (This is really just me speculating, so, don’t take it as gospel until we find out next year if this will indeed be official, but I’d say the probability is highly likely.)

One thing is for sure, these new designs for the All-Star Food Courts are fantastic.

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