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“The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Close

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The lackluster attraction “The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is slated to close for good; its last day of operation is November 6.

The interactive attraction takes guests through different pirate adventures in a room designed like a pirate’s cave lair. The attraction was pretty poorly presented and included sections where guests were supposed to chant and stomp their feet, which seemed to be geared more towards very young children. The show also featured somewhat scary confrontations with skeletons, singing mermaids, and a Kraken, all utilizing state of the art technology.

Over the past year the attraction also featured an unusual queuing process where guests would obtain a paper ticket with a specific show time printed on it. Guests would then return about 10 minutes prior to the show time.

The walk-through show opened in December 2012, replacing the “Journey into Narnia: Prince Caspian” attraction. Currently there has been no announcement of what may be taking the place of “The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow” attraction.

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10 thoughts on ““The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Close

  • Argh! I be missin’ Capt’in Sparrow! Where else can a bear swear his allegiance to be a Pirate! Argh! (Ok… I won’t be missing it too much…..)

    • You can swear allegiance to be a pirate at the Pirates league in Magic Kingdom, apparently*. *done it twice

      • Shiver me timbers! and sink me down! Thanks Matey!

        *hoists the Jollly Roger and sets to this place called the Magic Kingdom*

      • You’re my kind of crazy!

      • Gillian (GillylovesDuffy

        *thumbs up*

  • Tim Jones

    Disney wants you to make your reservations 180 days in advance yet they don’t give 180 day notice on rides closing. This makes the 4th attraction that will be closed during my visit either for good or refurbishment. With all the planning involved I really don’t see me making another trip.

    • Krissy

      Tim, I’m frustrated about that too. Maelstrom has always been one of my sister and husband’s favorite rides, and they are very upset that it closed before our upcoming visit (Dec 15-22). I was also looking forward to many of the attractions in DHS that will be closing before we arrive… I think 180 days notice would be wonderful!

  • Here’s one vote in favor of “The Legend”. Disney made the most of a small space with great video techniques and an amusing Johnny Depp (“Come back in 10 minutes…”). It wasn’t great, but it was fun until the Studios gets its long needed makeover.

  • Nobod_E

    Shoulda featured more Michael Bolton singing about completely unrelated movies

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