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Limited Time Magic for Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort – Disney Character Easter “Egg” Hunt

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This week’s Limited Time Magic, which will run from March 18 – March 24, will allow guests to take part in an Easter egg hunt through either Epcot at Walt Disney World or Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Resort.

Guests will have the opportunity to search for hidden “eggs” themed to Disney characters. Then they will be able to mark them with stickers on a special eggs-perience park map that will be available for purchase.

In Epcot, these will be available at Point of Entry, Pin Central, Heritage Manor at the American Adventure Pavilion, or the International Gateway. At Disney California Adventure, you can find them at Elias & Co, Oswald’s, Tower House Gifts, Radiator Springs Curios, and Treasures in Paradise. The maps will cost $4.95 each.

Once all eggs have been found, guests will be able to return the map to Port of Entry or Elias & Co for a special prize!

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5 thoughts on “Limited Time Magic for Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort – Disney Character Easter “Egg” Hunt

  • I am on the fence with the LTM thing. I don’t think it is bringing more people out to visit (like intended)it’s Disneyland so people are going to visit regardless, but I feel like the public will come out anyway so why not just give the extra “magic” anyway without some big promotion or fan fare surrounding it? One one hand it is kind of cool and exciting to see what’s will be going on when you visit but on the other hand there isn’t a whole lot of exciting things going on for LTM from week to week. I personally think the Easter egg vinymation thing was cool. I don’t care too much for the vinymation myself but if we went during that LTM week I would have paid the $5 per map. After all the reward at the end (from what I understand) far more exceeded the price to play and it is a great souvenir. And I too agree with “just Some Guy” and David Davies- this particular promotion hasn’t been wowing anyone. They should just throw in the towel and accept that they had a good try at it

  • You have to pay to play? That’s not Limited Magic that’s just cheap.

    • It’s an attempt to make (or at least lose less) money, and it wouldn’t be surprised if this was a test of sorts. Although I’m not sure why, people pay to play video games and carnival games in the theme parks. Why not other games? Plus, a price tag will prevent folks from grabbing a pile of the maps and selling them on ebay.

      When I was in Tokyo Disneyland last spring, there was a similar for-pay scavenger egg hunt with a couple of different difficulty levels. I didn’t try because, well, the idea didn’t really appeal to me. But if you’re trying to get the locals interested with something different a la Limited Time Magic, this is worth a shot. Maybe there’s a market for it. If not, it’s gone after a week, so there’s no serious harm.

      I don’t think Limited Time Magic has been wowing anyone as a promotion, but at least this is something different rather than something normal that’s just labeled “Limited Time Magic” for 2013.

    • I agree.
      The year is almost 1/4th over. That’s enough time to throw in the towel on LTM. From a terribly un-awe inspiring name to terrifically chintzy and ho-hum redecorated promotions of yearly events and just plain merchandise sales, this one just sucks out loud.
      And I am not one to complain about Disney. If and when I return to the parks this year, it will not be because I want to get me some Limited Time Magic. It’s time to send this awful idea to the ring of hell reserved for the Epcot thing that made fun of fat kids and whatever that live show was about Stitch on that eyesore stage in Tomorrowland.

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