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Menu Update: Galaxy’s Edge Florida to Offer Alcoholic Blue Milk Versions

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In the announcement that may not excite much of anyone, Disney has uploaded their menus for the Milk Stand. Like in California, both Blue Milk and Green Milk, vegetarian-friendly, lightly fruity “milks” will be offered, but the Florida menu will have additional options. Specifically, both Blue Milk and Green Milk can be purchased in alcoholic forms, with Blue Milk having rum and Green Milk having tequila. These versions will cost $14 compared with the non-alcoholic versions at $8.

Here’s the official description from Disney’s menu.

Do these versions hold appeal to you? Let us know in the comments.

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Julia Mascardo

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6 thoughts on “Menu Update: Galaxy’s Edge Florida to Offer Alcoholic Blue Milk Versions

  • The more alcohol Disney puts out, the more drunkards and fights there will be.

  • Most reviews of the blue and green milk have been ‘eh’ at best. It’s certainly no butterbeer. I think they are doing this to increase the appeal to ppl who would drink windex flavored milk if it had booze in it. I wish they’d just fix it to be more tasty in general.

  • “Milk was a bad choice!” —Ron Burgandy

  • After making that Kessel run, who wouldn’t want a little extra in their milk cooler?

  • DHS SWGE just got better than DL’s.

    • I agree, I gotta feeling that WDW’s Galaxy’s Edge will be much more successful than DL’s and not just because of this but for a couple other reasons as well,
      1. International Tourism plays a big factor in WDW so its no surprise that there will be lots of people (First timers, Tour groups, Locals, or people who visit once in their lifetime) from around the world who will come far and wide to witness this amazing land.
      2. The Rise of The Resistance ride gets to open in DHS first (Dec. 5th 2019) before DL’s version (Jan. 17th 2020) does, I think we all know by now that Rise of The Resistance is the main E-ticket attraction for SWGE cause as fun as Smuggler’s Run is, it wasn’t really meant to be the star attraction its more or less a complementary sort of ride.

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