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Miniature Dioramas Are a Little Bundle of Cute

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Looking for an inexpensive souvenir that is easy to pack in your suitcase but brings a little Disney magic home with you? These cardboard diorama kits may be the perfect fit.

Unlike the Metal Earth series, which although impressive looking seems to require a PhD in engineering to put together, these dioramas are very simple to assemble. Each layer simply slips into place in the provided frame. The result is a 3-D scene from a favorite Disney attraction, like Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Splash Mountain. At $17, it is a fun way to bring the magic of vacation home with you with a simple project to do with a child.



What do you think of these diorama kits? Let us know in the comments.

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Julia Mascardo

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9 thoughts on “Miniature Dioramas Are a Little Bundle of Cute

  • looking to purchase the diorama of the Pirates of the Caribbean I need 2 of them. How can I purchase it? is there a web site to order? please advise.

  • I bought all six will more becoming out?

  • What a cool idea!

  • I bought the Splash Mountain mini-di and then realized the scale was the same as the photo pass Splash Mountain photos. I’m not very crafty but with some sharp scissors I was able to cut out a new diorama layer and slot my sons into the frame along with Brer Rabbit. Were they surprised!

  • I bought the Tiki Room diorama at the Adventureland Bazaar in Disneyland back in May but couldn’t find any others around the resort. I was delighted to see them again at the Celebrity 5 & 10 at Hollywood Studios a couple of weeks ago. These are really fun and a great collectible souvenir (especially for kids who already have so many stuffed toys).

  • I bought The Haunted Mansion one at the gift shop at POP Century, but it seems like I was seeing them everywhere.

  • It would be helpful to know where these can be purchased. Thank you.

    • This particular display was at the Ink and Paint Shop at Art of Animation, but they are popping up at stores all over Walt Disney World property.

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