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Mission: SPACE at Epcot Reopens this August

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Mission: SPACE
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It was announced at the D23 Expo that Mission: SPACE at Epcot would be seeing all new ride profiles and that more information, including an opening date would be released soon. Well, as you can see, I have some new information to share with you about this refurbished attraction.

On August 13, Mission: SPACE will return! Guests will still have the two different ride profiles that they can choose from.

On the Orange Mission, which is the more intense training, Guests will continue be able to experience a truly intense experience where you’ll be able to feel the forces of actual space launch (which let me tell you, can be pretty extreme!) On this mission, you’ll dodge meteoroids, slingshot around the moon and attempt a precision landing on the Red Planet’s alien surface, but this version has been enhanced with new, HD video to make it even clearer. (Oh good….it will make my likelihood of throwing up even higher. Thank goodness there are sanitary bags found inside the capsule!)

Say you don’t want to take the intense ride that you’ll find on the Orange Mission. You want something a little tamer or you have a little one with you who wants to experience the attraction. Well with the new family-friendly Green Mission, you’ll get to take an exciting orbit around Earth. On this new adventure, you’ll see the Hawaiian Islands, the Northern Lights, and Italy all from space, before finally landing at Kennedy Space Center, which is found in Cape Canaveral, Florida. With this new Green Mission, the height restriction will change to 40″ courtesy of new additional X-2 booster seats.

Will you be more willing to take a mission now?


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13 thoughts on “Mission: SPACE at Epcot Reopens this August

  • I’m assuming that the Green mission is still the same physical ride vehicle, just new video content? My first/only ride on Green introduced me to the fact that I’m somewhat claustrophobic. I haven’t gone near it since.

  • Based on the description, it sounds like the “updated” Orange mission is exactly the same as the old one, just with an HD upgrade to the video itself.

  • This is so welcome! I was going to skip it next trip, but the new height requirement makes all the difference. Does a FP still cover you for both versions, or do you pick in advance?

    • When I booked my fastpass yesterday it didn’t make me choose.

  • Will Fastpasses be for green or for orange?

  • I’ve always gotten I’ll on both versions, but my daughter loves the orange one. So, I’m hoping I can do the New green one this September. I’d love to see the orange, but know my stomach just won’t take it.
    Hope Green is the magic color for me.

  • This makes me so happy. I love this ride and will now be able to ride it during our trip in September. We may just ride both versions since they are going to be so different now.

  • I have ridden Orange many, many times. Never had a problem. In fact, the first time I rode it, I had been having some mild problems with vertigo (not related to any theme park ride or anything), but I grew up such a fan of the US Space Program that I just had to ride Mission:Space anyway. Loved it. My wife & daughter (who at the time was a petite 6 year old) rode Green one time and were both fairly underwhelmed by it. Orange has been the whole family’s ride-of-choice since then.

  • I rode the Orange not long after it opened and it made me extremely sick! Like falling down and couldn’t walk straight. Up until that day, I never had motion sickness. Now I have it constantly and if I don’t take a Dramamine, I can’t even ride Figment without getting sick! Because of that, I’ve never tried the Green mission. I don’t want to take any chances of getting that sick again. BUT . . . this new version . . I may actually try it.

  • Curious to see a review of both missions to see if both are worth riding.

    • Agreed

  • I rode Mission: Space the first summer after it opened, and I don’t think I’ve ever fully recovered. The new Green mission does sound slightly more appealing, though!

    • Agreed. I love roller coasters – the more intense the better, but the Orange version of this was just too much for me. I just booked a fastpass to try the green version in September. Hopefully it will be fun!

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