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My Adventure As A Sorcerer Of The Magic Kingdom

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Today’s article is written by Shelley Caran of the On the Go in MCO blog. Welcome, Shelley!

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, an interactive game experience set to open later this year, has begun preliminary guest testing in the Magic Kingdom.

Because this new experience is in testing, some of this information may change based on guest feedback and more features may be in the works that weren’t being tested with our group. That being said…

How the Game is Played

In the game, guests are recruited and trained by Merlin, from The Sword and the Stone, to protect the Magic Kingdom from several villains and evildoers.

The Sorcerers Training locations are the Firehouse on Main Street, USA, and a space near the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square.  At either location you sign up and begin your training to become a Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom!

A small portion of the Sorcerers' Maps of the Magic Kingdom

Once you are enrolled, you receive five random spell cards (described below), a Mystic Portal Key Card, and your Sorcerers’ Maps of the Magic Kingdom. Merlin then appears in your training area to show you how to play the game and to direct you to where your first adventure will begin.

Merlin has created “Mystic Portals” to “sense the misdeeds of villains and defeat evildoers,” and these portals are located throughout Main Street, USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Fantasyland.

A Fantasyland Portal

Upon arriving at your assigned area, you use the Mystic Portal Key Card to open the Mystic Portal then stand on the “Circle of Power” to defend the realm with your Spell Cards. You interact with the Portals by holding your Spell Card in different positions.

You will visit several Mystic Portals to complete your adventure and defeat your villain.

Once you have completed your adventure, you are then directed to another land to continue your journey protecting the Magic Kingdom.


What I Really Liked

I enjoyed how each Spell Card featured a character from a Disney movie and their powers are a tongue-in-cheek nod to their story. An example from our cards, was Grumpy’s Pummeling Pickaxe that when played hurled pickaxes towards your foe. My favorite part of the cards are the sayings at the bottom Shovels, hammers, spikes, and picks. Just don’t tick off the other six.

Game card

There will be a total of 70 different cards available for use in the game.

The Sorcerers’ Maps of the Magic Kingdom has a very old world and magical feel, and folds up to a convenient size. While not all of the buildings are labeled, they are easily recognizable from the map.  The Spell and Key Cards, as well as the map, are made out of heavy paper and won’t fall apart from use or tear if you take them in and out of your pockets.  Much like Kim Possible at Epcot, the Mystic Portals are out of the way and do not visually impact or compromise the lands in which they are located.

The adventures are just long enough, and if by chance you don’t defeat your opponent you are sent to another Mystic Portal to face them again.

What Concerns Me

While the portals are out of the way, some of them have a lot of traffic around them, especially in Adventureland.  This can lead to people walking in front of you while you’re trying to have a battle, and for volume to be an issue.

At some portals there were groups waiting for their turn to play.  It was great that we were all playing different adventures, so the people around you wouldn’t spoil your game.  However, sometimes I felt like a dangling piñata for other guests to bat in their adventures.  Expect other guests to stop and watch as you play because the game is new.

Not to bring up Kim Possible again, but I wish that the portals were as elaborate and well themed as the ones in Epcot. The props around the Mystic Portals were nice, but I would have really enjoyed it if some of the objects around the portal were animated and were more involved in the viewing of the video.


I was really excited about the opportunity to test play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, and I am curious to what the game will be like when it is fully operational!

I think that Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is going to provide another interesting way to experience the Magic Kingdom!

Have you had a chance to try out Sorcerers? Looking forward to it? Talk about it in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “My Adventure As A Sorcerer Of The Magic Kingdom

  • Just got back from 5 days at WDW. I spent from 2pm – 8:30pm one day playing Sorcerers and not doing anything else! I ended up playing on 3 different days and finished all 9 quests on easy level.

    I learned ALOT about this game and the cards. It was a lot of fun, I ended up with 20 spell cards – 5 for each day and an additional 5 for leveling up (defeating easy). Right now, you get 5 additional cards each time you defeat Hades. However, there’s talk about giving 15 cards when you defeat him at Medium Level.

    This is definitely a game used to add fun for AP holders who have become used to everything the park has to offer. Easy level really is easy.. any spell card will work.. once you hit medium you really have to start using strategy in what spell cards you use and combine with others. There’s a lot of depth to the spell cards and the way to learn it is by word of mouth and trial and error.

  • How is this attraction going during the busy times? Is this an activity that you can fit in as you come across them or do you need to devote sorcerer-only time?

    • During busy times at the Magic Kingdom the portals DEFINITELY have lines!

      While you can definitely make a day of playing Sorcerers, my favorite way to play the game during my day at the Magic Kingdom is by mixing it into my current touring plan. So if my mission is in Frontierland, I will take breaks from rides and shows to play them.

      I will warn you, that when you first start playing you are going to really zone in and find yourself spending more time than you think playing!!!

      Have fun!!!

  • Thanks for the story… you said there were 70 cards available, is there any way to get more than the start 5 cards?

    • You can get a set of 5 cards every day you visit the Magic Kingdom, just let them swipe your park ticket. (It used to be your key card, but they just switched it over today to your ticket.) The 5 cards you get will be random so you might end up with duplicates, but friendly trading goes on in the lines at each portal and often you can find someone to trade with.

      • There are 70 cards in a ‘complete’ Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom set, however only cards 1-59 are currently in circulation right now. Cards 60-70 are the first cards that will be sold in the future.

        And Kim is correct about the 5 cards a day limit! Even if you misplace your key card, you can present your park ticket to get a new one. The system in place is tight when it comes to limiting the issuance of cards to one set a day.

  • Oh THANKS for this blog Shelley,,,I will be looking for this when we hit the park in Feb,,,sounds like a fun way to pass the day!!!

  • We were very happy to find the game in testmode last week and tried it of course! We did the fantasyland adventure and got to battle Ursula who was trying to flood the kingdom.

    What we liked about the game is the original and special made animation that comes with it, the way the portals appear is also very cool and really gives it a state of the art feel.

    We did however run into a line at every portal wich took out a bit of the fun in discovering the portal for yourself, some people in front of us had the same adventure going so then you’d just repeat the same thing and that does took ou a big part of the ‘discovering’ part. We also thought it could use a bit more interactivity then just holding up a card at the prompted moment. As I understand from other blogs, they are of course still working towards the definite format wich is supposed to be more interactive and I am very curious how it will play out in the end.

    I think the main concept and technology is bringing something new to the Magic Kingdom and I’m looking forward to playing it again in the future at a more quit time, hopefully they’ll figure out a way to keep the flow of players more spread out so that your not standing in line in front of each window.

    greetz Dominique, Rotterdam, Netherlands

    • I absolutely agree, and I really have my fingers crossed for the increased interactivity in the future!!!

  • Looking forward to the challenge!


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