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New Concept Art for Star Wars Land

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Last night was the Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60 anniversary special and of course, the big topic of discussion was about what would be announced for Star Wars Land. We knew that Harrison Ford would be on hand to share some details about the land coming to both Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and what we got was some fantastic concept art, with a few additional tidbits. (Keep in mind that these are screen shots from last night’s special.)

  • Imagine stepping on board the Millennium Falcon and actually piloting it; banking left, right and firing the laser cannons. You’ll be in complete control on board.

SW 1



  • In the second attraction for the land, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a battle between the resistance and the first order in a race against time (and in what appears to be a trackless ride set up.)







  • In this new world, you’ll enter authentic locations and be able to meet droids and aliens.






  • In Star Wars Land, you’ll enter an other-worldly street market and be able to taste local delicacies.




  • You’ll get to enjoy at meal at the best Star Wars themed-dinner club.




  • Or you can choose to stop in at the local cantina.









It all sounds amazing, right? What excites you the most?

Stay tuned to the blog as more details about these new lands trickle in!


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5 thoughts on “New Concept Art for Star Wars Land

  • It all sounds very cool. My biggest concern is that the cantina and restaurants will be wicked expensive and difficult to get a reservation for. I’d rather see more experiences for the masses, whether it be rides, shows, or wandering characters.

    • I assume it will be like BoG. A nightmare to get into.

  • I look forward to using my new “Force Bands” that were recently patented to push open doors and windows. That’s if they can do more than just push around a BB8 toy.

  • All of it sounds exciting! Though, I have to say, the Millennium Falcon ‘experience’ just sounds like a video game, IMHO.
    The dinner club art resembles Jabba’s Palace, hmmmm…

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