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New Disney Survey with Some Unique Options for Future Benefits?

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A new survey is making the rounds for guests who have stayed recently at WDW. And while surveys are never a guarantee about what the future holds, it is always interesting to pull back the curtain at a Disney think tank to see what sort of ideas they’re considering for the future. Let’s dive in.

After some initial sorting hat questions (when would you visit WDW again, how interested are you in visiting WDW in the next three years, what type of accommodations do you like when visiting WDW, and so on), a series of questions comes up about different benefits/add-ons for the future once there’s reduced COVID concerns.


First up, early access to dining/experience reservations for staying on site.

MagicBand customization and discount for staying on site.

The ability to bundle other things into your theme park vacation, like water parks, park hopping, and so on.

Being able to purchase the Disney Dining Plan.

Access to complimentary transportation (Skyliner, monorail, etc.).

Proximity to parks.

And access to Magical Express.

After a series of very normal things that either are currently still around or will be back in the future, then they throw in a unique one about “Connected Experiences” — some of it sounds like things related to the Play Disney Parks app, but I’m really intrigued by the “digital in-room concierge”.

Then back to some more normal things, like Extra Magic Hours.

Enhanced in-room TV is something I can’t imagine Disney wouldn’t do — what better way to encourage Disney+ memberships than to have people fall in love with it on vacation?

Virtual Queue access from your resort — although this week did see not-in-the-park access to Rise of the Resistance, could this be coming for other attractions when new headliners open? Could they eventually scale back that you have to be at a Disney resort for virtual queue before park opening?

The next one I am ALL IN. The idea of having a little more magic at resorts is such a huge draw for me. And more fountains is always a win in my book. I’d love to see “enchanted art” like on Disney Cruise Line come to WDW resorts, too.


In-resort character experiences were found at some resorts in the pre-COVID era. Would this be expanded to all resorts?

In-park lounges are a wonderful benefit–over the years, I’ve had access to them for passholders, DVC, and having a certain type of credit card. They don’t cost a lot for Disney, but the goodwill is great.

Extra Magic Hours at Disney Springs isn’t something that would interest me personally, but I can understand the draw.

Early access to book FastPass+ — sorry folks, if you thought FP+ was going away for forever, I wouldn’t count that as a given!

Virtual on-the-go concierge? Please call it WorldKey!!!

Free theme park parking — I guarantee, if I’m staying on site and this benefit gets removed, I’ll be… less than pleased.

And now the next one that had me sitting back and taking notice: Food delivery. Getting to my room and having churros on the way? Sign me up!

Disney then asked for guests to pick their top three. It’s a tough choice, since I don’t want any *existing* benefits to go away, but some of those new suggestions are pretty tempting. Specifically, Disney wants to know what would enhance your experience, what would give you a better impression of value, and what is most important in your view.

Finally, the survey gave a few more hints about some options, with questions about which of these were most important regarding entry:

  • Exclusive extended hours at one of the theme parks per day (morning or evening)
  • Extended exclusive access to finish out your day at one theme park every night
  • 30 minutes exclusive entry into every theme park every day
  • Early access to one theme park every morning

And some more descriptions about that possible “resort plussing”:

  • Step into the art of Disney . . . resort style! As a resort Guest, exclusive access to an immersive art display that transports you into the world of Disney.
  • Nighttime spectacular on the water. Guests have the ability to watch Disney stories come to life on resort waterways through lights, parades, water fountains that spray water as the backdrop for color, and characters timed to music to transport Guests into the world of imagination.
  • Atrium transformation. Transforming resort lobbies into a magical display that brings the individual resort’s story to life through lights, color, music, and projections.
  • Resort nighttime exterior projections. Kiss good night at resorts that bring the resort’s art style, coupled with Disney stories, to life one the exterior facade through projections that feature special effects, lighting, and soaring music.

Although having an item on a survey doesn’t mean that it is a certainty to come to Walt Disney World, surveys do give some insight into concepts that are being considered.

So now it’s your turn — in the comments, let us know what you think about these questions and what your answers would be like.


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10 thoughts on “New Disney Survey with Some Unique Options for Future Benefits?

  • I was just on the phone trying to get a hold of somebody from Disney about my Disney bands for my trip in January they hung up on me and I was on for three hours Pat Hirlemann 22151945 is my reservation number

  • All of my ratings did not post and there wasn’t any way to get my answers posted

  • I can’t wait to see all the new
    Attractions since it has been a few years since I visited. I came to Disney
    World when it first opened
    in 1971. I went back to my
    home in Ft. Walton Beach
    and asked my boss to transfer
    me to Orlando at the first
    opportunity. Now it’s 50 years
    later and I can’t wait to come

  • I also would like to comment on my phone conversation with a cast member on feb.16,2020.
    I had cast member by the name of Dana !! She was very helpful, kind ,pleasant and just amazing . She made everything so easy for me to understand ! Also Dana went over every thing about my reservation. Every question I had she answered fully ! I had two reservations
    I was working on. She never rushed me . I just can not say enough about her and what a personality she had . Once again I wish I could get her every time . I have one more women who helped me on March 30th make a change for me and she also was very good ! Her name was River !

  • We (DH and I) love the idea of getting a jump on dining reservations, of virtual queues for e-ticket attractions, park-hopper for resort guests… we also like the idea of magical resort add-ons. (DH likes the idea of having Les Halles delivered to us, instead of him running over there to get our fav breakfast items…lol!)

    I’m personally glad Disney is thinking about this.

    Thanks for sharing the survey with us! It was a great diversion.

  • I’ve been hoping for years that they’d offer the fireworks on the Resort TV channels. I’d actually pay for a streaming service of the live fireworks in my house (even as an add-on to Disney+)
    While we’re at it, I’d also like to get the Resort TV channel in my house. Some mornings, I put the youtube recordings of it on my TV, but seeing it live from the resort would be better.

  • They used to help manage that at the MK by having one castle projection show, fireworks, then another castle projection show. Some people would leave after the fireworks, some would stay for the second castle show, others would run to the queue for a last ride during the second castle show. It helped with spreading the exiting crowd. Unfortunately, that was lost as Disney Parks focused on hard ticket events.

  • Something that Disneyland gets right that the parks in Florida don’t, for whatever reason, is they have their fireworks / nighttime show before the parks close. There’s still many people who leave at that time and there’s a crush for transportation, but it isn’t everyone all at once. You have opportunity to allow it to clear. Disney World could easily adjust to do this.

  • I really love the idea of the lounges in the parks for resort guests. (Unfortunately, I can imagine this particular perk might only go to the higher end resorts, though.) Taking a break here and there without having to go through the transportation hassle to and from the park would be lovely.

    On the flip side, the added visual and character elements to resorts at night would make an on-site stay really feel much more magical. Especially if it’s season where the parks close early and there are still a few entertainment hours left before bedtime 🙂

    Interesting that they’re toying around with the idea of a mini-EH morning at all parks every day. As a rope-drop type person, the idea of being able to get a jump on the rest of the crowds every day at MY choice of park would actually be pretty awesome.

  • I’m constantly bewildered at the fact that nighttime shows are not already available on resort TV. Some of us would love to experience the fireworks over the castle without the in-person logjam of the monorail and ferry. Are the food and merch sales enough of a driver to offset the ill-will of ending your night (and possibly your vacation) waiting an hour for transportation?

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