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New Epcot Segway Tour To Debut

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Segway Tours, to me, are one of the coolest tours you can take at Walt Disney World. There is just something so incredible and almost futuristic about rolling around on one of these devices! Today, to tie into the futuristic feel of the Segway, Disney announced that if will offer a new tour at Epcot called the Keep Moving Forward: See the World, Share the Dream Segway Tour.

The new tour will last three hours and will include training on the Segways, breakfast at Sunshine Seasons, and a detailed tour around the 1.3 miles that is World Showcase.

The new tour will cost $99 plus tax for guests ages 16 and up. Guests who are 16 and 17 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. Discounts will be available for both Annual Passholders and DVC Members. To book the tour, call (407) WDW-TOUR.

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16 thoughts on “New Epcot Segway Tour To Debut

  • Walking tours for lazy people. I hate Segways and I hate seeing them in Disney parks. They are gaudy to look at and to me, epitomize all that is wrong with America. Did I mention I hate Segways?

  • I was informrd when making my reservations for the new tour that it is replacing simply segway. The cast member did not have all the details but reservations are being taken. If you use your Disney Visa you get 20% discount!

  • I agree with you – there is something really cool about riding a Segway! I did the World Showcase Segway tour and really enjoyed it despite the fact our guide was not the greatest. It was his last day or work and it showed! But still it was a great time and this new tour sounds like a good combination of food and touring! Looking forward to trying it.

  • When will this be available? We are going Sept 25 to 30.

    • The tour launched today and is available at 7:45am, 8:30am, 9:00am, and 9:30am daily.

      • We are signed up for Sept 27 at 9 AM- Wanted an earlier tour but not available on either of the two days I was looking at. Wondering how the timing will work out since World Showcase opens at 11- Will we be dodging people? I am hoping breakfast is last (but I guess that would be lunch in this case!) Does anyone know the sequence of events?

      • Brenda, once you arrive on the tour, you will be checked in at the Guest Relations Lobby. Then, your guide will take you into Innoventions West for a brief Segway Training. After your safety training, you will hop on your Segway and head to The Land Pavilion, use the restroom and enjoy your breakfast (9:55am-10:25am). From 10:25-12:00, you will tour the World Showcase on your Segway! I checked availability for 9/27 and the 8:30am tour is 100% booked and the 9:00am tour is 100% booked. The only thing with availability would be the 9:30am tour and it is almost full too! Have fun!!

      • Thanks for the info! That is exactly what I was trying to find out. Not sure why they don’t seem to have any details when I call- where did you get your info?? they told me to keep trying to see if anyone cancels so we can go at 7:45 or 8:30… I don’t want ot run into (literally) any tourists!

      • I went on the tour myself! It was great! You will run into a few people in WSC as you go through France, UK and Canada but it is not bad at all! Have fun!

      • We did the 9:30 tour on 9/27/12 and it was great! However, I would highly recommend taking the earlier tours if at all possible, as we only had about 15 minutes in World Showcase before it was open to everyone! It got crowded pretty quickly, but that may have been because they actually opened the Food & Wine Festival booths that day which was the day before the “official” opening! We are planning to try the segway tour again since it was so much fun, but will book early to get early tour!!

  • I’ve done the original tour twice and loved it. I’m looking forward to seeing some reviews on this before deciding whether to do it. It will be worth it if you spend an hour on training, 30 minutes on eating and 90 minutes riding. I’d prefer it if the training was only 30 minutes though. Most people can learn a Segway in 10 minutes. I wonder if there is a unique pin you get after the tour?

    • The tour lasts three hours now. The training lasts about 30 minutes, breakfast is 30 minutes and the tour lasts about two hours in the World Showcase! Instead of doing a select few countries in the World Showcase, all the countries are now on the tour!

  • I hope that the breakfast isn’t included in the three hours. Who wants to spend precious touring time eating? I can eat later.

  • We did the old tour in July and it was amazing. They were a bit pushed for time and were told then that they were extending it to 3 hours – brilliant!

  • Had the opportunity to do the current 2hr tour in April this year. LOVED IT!! The fact that Disney is adding the breakfast at sunshine seasons for no additional cost is great!! I assume the tour is the same. 1hr training. 1hr in world showcase. But with 1hr breakfast added on somewhere. Strange for disney to add something, rather then taking away. Maybe the tour has dropped in popularity?

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