Olaf’s Frozen Escape! Coming to Magic Kingdom in 2016

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Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of Disney fanatics screaming in joy! (Or maybe it’s sounds of disgust…) Why? Because Stitch is out and Olaf is in.

According to a leaked press release dated for next week, Olaf’s Frozen Escape! will be joining the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. The updated attraction will find guests in a brand new interstellar attraction featuring the lovable snowman from Frozen, Olaf. This new attraction will see the popular and adorable character mistakenly captured by the galactic authorities who send him to a containment facility, where all kinds of mayhem breaks out.

According to the concept art, the Olaf! pre-show includes other characters from Frozen:

Sven’s here too! (c) Walt Disney Imagineering

Download the full-size image (4500 x 2531 pixels, 7.8MB)

Once guests are seated in the round theater, they will receive a warm hug helping to encourage them to remain seated. The lights will dim and Olaf will appear right in front of guest’s eyes! Then, because he doesn’t have his personal snow cloud with him, Olaf starts melting, causing him to short-circuit the laser beams, therefore allowing him to be able to interact with guests.

This fantastic experience will feature cutting-edge audio, the feel of icy cold water droplets, and wait…do you smell carrots? Guests will also feel as though Olaf is sitting right there on top of their shoulders!

Olaf makes his escape! (c) Walt Disney Imagineering

Download the full-size image (3000 x 1688 pixels, 7.7 MB)

Once order is finally restored to the facility, Olaf will be sent to Walt Disney World, where he can spread the Frozen love wherever he can!

This attraction will be a welcome addition to the Magic Kingdom. Olaf is so lovable and is the perfect character to take over for much maligned Stitch’s Great Escape!

Speaking of Stitch, guests will be able to say aloha to Stitch’s Great Escape!, which opened in 2004, some time in the summer of 2015. Of course, Stitch’s Great Escape! replaced the extremely beloved ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter.

Olaf’s Frozen Escape! is slated to open sometime in 2016, and I’ll make sure to share additional details with you as soon as I learn them!


Oh…just one last thing…



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42 thoughts on “Olaf’s Frozen Escape! Coming to Magic Kingdom in 2016

  • Still think it is a better idea than Stitch.
    And no matter how much $$$$ Disney makes off Stitch merch, it pales in comparison to the Frozen juggernaut. Although the it would really be shoehorning in at Tomorrowland.
    Somewhere, the Disney operative tasked with monitoring touringplans is sending this idea up his/her chain of command for review.

  • I really wish this was happening. Stitch’ Great Escape is such a waste of space.

  • Well you completely had me. I suppose it was because I so wanted it to be true. I am sooooooo disappointed it’s not true:( don’t Disney know that it’s such an unpopular attraction?

  • This is actually a good idea…I saw that Stitch made the #1 spot on the Worst Disney World attraction list. I was actually a little disappointed when I saw this was a joke 🙁

    • Steve, If Disney proposed Stitch before it was actually built, I would swear it’s an April Fools joke. I agree that this would be no worse than Stitch. It could actually better!

  • Glad you have a sense of humor. I tried an April Fools post on another forum. It fell flat immediately. They were not amused.

  • I was willing to believe until the article’s fatal flaw: “extremely beloved ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter.”

    • While it may surprise…Alien Encounter is actually quite beloved by many in the Disney community. Many do wish that it would return. (Personally, it scared the living daylights out of me…)

  • All joking aside – are we really sure that Alien Encounter was actually “extremely beloved” before Stitch showed up? 🙂

  • Another news item in a string of “April Fools Jokes” That goes back years… It does get the “clicks” I’m sure –

  • I was seriously like wth, until I read the comments. Very funny.

  • I agree with Rick Freeze!!
    Make this a ‘comment free post’ asap!
    Fabulous, I truly fell for it LOL

  • I’m confused! This is a joke or it’s for real! I love Stitch!

  • This post should not allow comments… it ruins the “magic”

  • Clearly this is an April Fool’s joke because Disney could never finish a new ride in only a year…

  • Rikki – Well done in the spirit of the best of AFD pranks! I threw-up a little in my mouth when I read your “[guests] will receive a warm hug helping to encourage them to remain seated” line. In all of the years of Alien Encounter and Stitch residing in this pavilion, I don’t think that I ever heard anyone poke fun at the horrendous shoulder restraint mechanism better than you have. Thanks for a great laugh!

    • Hahaha! It was really all Len and Laurel. (And that part made me bust out laughing too at that part.)

  • Wow…I was about to say “You gotta be kidding me”. Then I remembered the day LOL. Although — the idea of SOME character other then stitch getting put into here would be much better. Tell me again why this is not some Tron themed attraction? That would be a perfect fit for Tomorrowland.

  • As I was creating a facebook post about the news I stopped mid-sentence when I realized today is April Fool’s Day.

  • I wonder what Gantu has to say about Olaf on the podium? Perhaps we should look up and to the right and ask him?

  • Personally I would welcome this change if it weren’t an April Fools Day joke, I was talking about how it should be changed a few days ago.

  • Is this an April Fools joke? I think that this would be an improvement over Stitch but I feel like it’s still a bit of a lazy attempt to fix an attraction that just doesn’t work. But if this is true, I know at least in the short term it will be popular since it is Frozen. Hoping its a well done attraction!

    • It’s an April Fool’s Day joke.

    • Well…while this could be an improvement…it is an April Fool’s joke.

  • I emailed this to my sister: “Oh, Jess would love that!
    Shame it’s next year.
    Will have to go again ;0)”

    Hee hee hee

  • Love this, well done Rikki! Can’t wait to show my daughter. Wonder how long it will take her to figure out.

  • Once bitten twice shy. Thankfully after Len totally conning us last year with the golden cheffing snowflake, I was predisposed to distrust this year.

  • Forgot what day it is – this is great news and I was talking to Len about it yesterday and what an improvement this will be.

  • So wishing this wasn’t todo with today, it could be quite a fun show if they had several characters/stories, a random selection each time.

  • Excellent, Rikki!
    I had my outrage on for a good 10 seconds before I glanced at the calendar. 🙂

  • Almost forgot what day it is!

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