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Step By Step Walk-Through Of Ordering New Upgraded MagicBands

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Recently the Walt Disney World Resort let us know that we would soon be able to upgrade our MagicBands for those who stay on-site or are renewing an Annual Pass. Previously, we only had the option to receive a free-or-charge solid colored MagicBand. If we wanted to fancy, Premium MagicBand, we’d have to pay full price for them. Starting today, however, we have the option to purchase these special MagicBands at a reduced price. Keep in mind, this special pricing is only available online ahead of your vacation.

Now, not every MagicBand design is available, however, there are over 50 choices for Guests to now choose from for either free or purchase.  The bands will cost around $10, for the Premium options. (That’s a savings of $14.95, which is the cost of the solid color MagicBands.) The regular solid colored bands will still be available at no cost.

These new design options can be shipped to homes (U.S. addresses only) if ordered 11 or more days ahead of arrival.

So, how does the process work? I decided to find out, since I have my Annual Pass MagicBand that I have yet to order.

First, it tells me the basics. That I have a Magic Band I can order and that I can now choose one of the complimentary options or the premium option.



From there, it shows me all the options, starting with the solid color MagicBands, and then moves on to the Premium options.




Say you want to filter your choices. You can do so by Theme. Here you can choose from Mickey and Friends, Disney Princesses, Frozen, Disney Villains, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures, or the Disney Parks.




You can also choose by Color of MagicBand. Currently, these are the only purple options.



Finally, you can choose Price. It will allow you to only see Premium options or Complimentary options.



Once you choose, you can personalize your MagicBand and it will allow you to then confirm and place your order.




Viola! Shipping to me soon!

Will you be choosing to order a Premium option or will you still choose to go with the Complimentary choices?

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29 thoughts on “Step By Step Walk-Through Of Ordering New Upgraded MagicBands

  • Disney really does need to fix this issue. I have ordered a special magicband 3 times recently and had it confirmed only to check My Disney a couple of days later and be told my selection was sold out. I did not have this issue in August. It would be nice if they would at least send you an email or a text to let you know.

  • Is anyone having any luck ordering these bands? We have been trying off and on for months and it is an absolute horrible experience. The bands either show in the pick list and allows you to add them, but then when you try to move forward you get an error that the band is out of stock. Or if you are actually able to pick some bands then move to the payment section to complete the order and you get a generic the request is not able to be completed please try again later.
    Anyone know if you can call directly to order these as the site is painfully broken. It would be much better if they just provided a voucher for $15 off so you could just go to the park shops and buy these directly, as I have seen an abundance of each of the bands in every park or Disney Springs store I have gone into.

  • Thinking about just resorting to getting plain colors and making cricut stickers. This has been super annoying. 3 kids, one will have the exact one he wants, the other 2 won’t, by the time the other 2 sees one they like, the first one is gone. Super super annoying, also, it seems like the ones available are all pink and girl-centric, the boy ones (marvel and star wars) are not in stock as much (I have 3 boys)

  • Been trying for days. Page keeps refreshing. Literally cannot get our 4 bands no matter how fast or what I change to. Annoying

  • Absolute worst experience pre-ordering these Disney Corp.
    This process is half backed and honestly not ready for the public consumption.
    There is no reason not to have the ability to hold stock in cart for a period of time until the order is placed.

    Plus you indicate out of stock when the same band can be purchased through the regular online store. The integration into the MDE process is just not there. If you cannot deliver on the experience give a credit upon check-in that can be applied at the stores in DisneyWorld.

  • If you place your magic band order with 3 complementary bands and 1 custom will it allow you to go back and upgrade the other 3 bands later if you want? I didn’t want to lose out on Elsa for my daughter but am having a hard time getting Mickey for my son. Figured I’d get the Elsa now while it was in stock but now looks like I can no longer manage my bands…

  • You pay when you order

  • Guest from the UK who preorder a magic band, do you pay upon check in or is the money taken as soon as you pick ?

  • I don’t know why the premium bands are so difficult to order. Of course you have to order for everyone on the reservation and often times the special bands you want are not all in stock pre-empting us to place an order bc only part of our party was able to get their selected band. Disney either should allow separate ordering for members of a party or figure out how to have enough bands in stock to place an order for the entire group. Offering premium bands where guests cannot even sometimes get the band in the cart bc it is out of stock is not magical. Come one Disney, you can do a better job if you are going to offer something that is magical for your guests.

  • Limited amount back there last night.. Choice of 8…but going fast

  • Our trip is in Auguest, so I have been checking back in every so often to see whether the situation with their interface had changed. It wouldn’t let me do anything via the app, but firefox seems to be the best way to use the interface without it crashing. Last time I tried, there were no premium selections coming up, but today I was able to see at least 5 – Groot, “the happiest place on earth”, Minnie “”all about the bow”, Darth Vader and Sorcerer Mickey. I managed to secure Darth for my husband, but the only other one that doesn’t come up with a message saying there is an error and to call guest services is the Groot one. No offence to any Guardians fans, but I am not particularly wanting this one! I am disappointed, but I will keep checking back before my 23 remaining days are up! Any updates would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • When these first opened up, the website wouldn’t work for me, giving me an error. I ended up trying the site on my phone and it was able to work but I had to get my group’s picks and basically waited a day too late. I was ready to order to find out they were out of stock. The following week I checked again at 2am and they were available again! I tried to quickly order to then find out that the order wouldn’t process. It would give me an error at check out. By 7 am it was back to the basic colors again. I’ve been checking multiple times a day, every day and no luck. Our trip is in July and I have one more week to finalize magic bands. I’m going to keeping checking hoping to get the character designs in time but I’m thinking we’ll end up having to just get the colors :/.

  • Why do they still have the message that you can choose a premium magic band if you cannot. I have been trying for several days thinking there was something wrong with my device until I read these comments. Not happy with all the money you pay to stay in Disney

  • this is now posted on the main page

    Due to strong popularity, our MagicBand upgrade options are currently unavailable. Disney Resort hotel Guests and new and renewing Walt Disney World Annual Passholders may continue to choose from a selection of complimentary solid-color MagicBands. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are working to replenish our inventory as soon as possible.

  • I have 2 separate reservations for a trip in July. For the first (me and hubby), I guess I was super lucky and got the bands we chose right away. I went back a few hours later to select with the other folks on the other reservation (which includes my daughter) and they were out of stock! I checked back daily from their first “sellout” and saw they were back in stock yesterday (May 29, about 6:30am EST, US); I went through the entire process to select and then click “Proceed to checkout”….I repeatedly got an error. Was told by guest services to try back later in the afternoon (technical issues). When I did, they were no longer available as an option. Found out that the new bands were out of stock almost instantly (at 6:30 am!!???). And the error I kept getting was because they were out of stock, but it took IT a few hours to get the choices back down off the site. My daughter is so disappointed, and I feel bad that I have a fancy band and she doesn’t! In perspective though, it is only a $15 discount. So I we cannot get through in time, we will get her a fancy band of her choice when we get to D. In the long run what’s another $15 bucks right?

    I just think this is so silly in the way D rolled this out. They cannot be “out of stock” as they claim because you can still purchase some of the same bands from the DisneyStore for full price. So WTHeck? How is this such a nightmare?

  • Fair to say the process is an absolute joke, website crashes, bands out of stock. Disney IT is frankly an embarrassment.

  • The $10 Minnie Mouse one I ordered on Monday arrived today. I had no email notification it was being sent or anything. I did have a confirmation email when I ordered. My trip is early July.

  • Does anybody know if they will be restocking for the premium magic bands please

  • Does anyone know if they will be restocking the premium magic bands soon

  • I’m seeing only the free at this point. Not sure if it’s an IT issue or all premium bands are completely gone

  • The initial range of Magic Bands on offer was brilliant, we selected the Epcot band for me and the My Birthday one for my Partner (Adult age rules for Disney, drop the last digit, we will now both be six). The MDE app could not complete the order and recommended trying later. Did that today, disappointedly found that our preferred bands had gone, can’t even pay the full price! so it’s back to our usual Red and Orange.

  • Yeah, heads up to anyone reading this. The selections are down to virtually nothing as of last night. Checked again just now and still the same 7 (pretty lame) special bands left. Oh, well. Seems like they did this to clear out stock, and it seems to have worked pretty well.

  • I was very excited to see the new Magicband upgrade option weeks ago. I was checking back daily and happily selected my Magicband on Monday (Male Villain band in black). My family all did the same!

    Today, when checking My Disney Experience, I noticed the Magicband icon over my avatar (Jack Skellington) was grayed out. The same was true for the rest of my family. After talking to customer service on chat, I discovered that the selection did not actually complete since we made these selections separately, on our own individual accounts. We have two separate reservations with three guests on each and by not selecting all three together on each reservation it did not lock in our choices.

    We were super excited with our choices but are now very upset that those bands are out of stock only two days after this program launched. I would strongly suggest Disney makes it clear that you must make a purchase to complete your Magicband selection AND that all guests on the reservation must make their selection at the same time. We had no reason to believe we would lose our choices after hitting “complete” and then seeing the Magicband image appear over our avatars.

    • This happened to us too!! I was so upset. Very unclear and now ours are sold out too. No one willing to do anything after 22 minutes on hold. Just, so sorry we had technical difficulties.

      • There are four of us going in July. Only two of us were able to choose a special band. I did not submit our order because I was hoping they would restock for our other two. Now it has cancelled out the ones we had been able to get. Disney needs to catch H… for this one.

  • Thanks for the update – first ever visit in October from UK. Will be having a look at these for the kiddiwink tonight!

  • Our trip is in August and I had already personalized our Magic Bands. I signed in yesterday to check out the designs. Our Magic Bands were reset to non-personalized due to the new interface. I advise anyone to check on their’s too.

  • Definitely getting a premium option when I renew my AP. This is great!

  • May 20th was my last day to personalize our magic bands before our trip and I was super psyched to get the character ones. We save our magic bands from our trips as our memorabilia instead of purchasing other stuff in the park, so we love that we can now get different ones each trip with our favorite characters. I really appreciated the update in my email from y’all about this or I would have missed being able to order ours! Thank you!

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